Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Linkadoos, etc.

*Thank you so much to all who responded to my question about transitioning to two kids. You gave some wonderful advice and suggestions--in fact, I'm going to print them out so I can keep reviewing them!

*Since I said I'd update you, I spent a third of my birthday money this weekend--$8 on a sweater here (it's not maternity, though it is a verstile enough style and fit that I can wear it now and later--yay!) and $4 on this cereal (used a $1 coupon). That might sound strange to use my fun money to buy cereal, but I'm very practical and I have a personal spend limit of $2.50 per box, so buying this flavor is a rare splurge.

*I just received my first check from Ebates--I love that program! It's such an easy way to earn a little cash back if you're already making on-line purchases--I really recommend them.

*I recently signed up for this free program--it's basically a "virtual notebook," which is pretty high-tech for this pen and paper girl. I heard about it from Real Simple, and have enjoyed experimenting with saving links and articles I want to keep filed.

*Last but not least, many thanks to Debra and Nicol for recently honoring me with blog awards. I appreciate your thoughtfulness!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hi Carrie!

Looks like you got some great advice about transitioning to a two-child family!

Hey, next time you're in CO you really need to visit Vitamin Cottage and stock up on their blueberry granola cereal. It's cheaper than Target (and same ingredients!) because they sell it in bulk. It's still a splurge, but it's healthy!

Hayley said...

You are so silly! I'm sure even though you are climbing in regards to weight, you are surely still smaller than me, even at 8.5 months preggo!! ;) Cannot wait to hear the news....I bet you are getting really uncomfortable!