Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clean swap show and tell

Once again, I met a new friend through swapping. I've enjoyed reading Hadley's blog, and appreciate the fun box she put together for me: lemon hand soap (my favorite), dustpan and brush, linen spray, cute polka dot apron (I hope to find a fun place for it in the baby's room), citrus candles, gloves, sponges, "tidy totes" and charts for cleaning and menu planning. Thank you, Hadley!
Here is what I sent Hadley: polka dot apron (great minds think alike!), sponges, organizing notebook, homemade dishcloth, lotion, tissues, candle, scraper, lip balm and this devotional (written by a friend of my husband's family)

Now it's your turn to show and tell--please link directly to your post. Thanks for joining the swapping fun!


Wendi said...

Cute stuff! I love that you are going to find a spot for the apron in baby's room. Sweet!

Thanks for all your hard work hosting this swap.

Have a great day!

Nicol said...

Super cute! I haven't received my box yet. I will post about it as soon as I do. I hope it is in today's mail.

angie said...

I too have not rec'd my swap box yet. I'm hoping mine and my partner's arrive at their destinations on the same day!

Charli said...

That's such a cute box! What I love most is a little thing... I came over from The Homespun Heart where your sister had commented that she had both sent and received an apron in her box. She then said "great minds think alike".

It's obviously true because that's exactly the same thing you said!

(I spend all day with 7 year olds so I have a slightly odd sense of humour, forgive me!)

Lura said...

My box has not arrived yet either, but I will post about it as soon as it come. I love the aprons!

Ginger said...

My Australian box hasn't arrived yet but I will post when it does.

*carrie* said...

Hi Ladies:

We're having trouble with the Mr. Linky - so I'm going to post the links to your posts right here!

Mary Ann:










Jenny said...

I missed mr.linky to link my show and tell. But it is posted this morning. Thanks so much for hosting such a wonderful swap.

Jenny said...

just noticed that your having trouble with mr.linky

any one wanting to see what I got can go to

ScrappinAway said...

Oh what fun! I want to play next time!

Ginger said...

Here is what I sent Lisa in Australia:

Nicol said...

My package finally arrived today! It's on my blog. :)

Zebu said...

I got Melissa (don't know her blog's name) for my partner. This was so fun! Please visit my blog to see what she got me. :)


Lura said...

I've got mine up now!

Thanks for hosting Carrie and Monica!

Jenn said...

What fun stuff you got! Thanks for another great swap :)

Ginger said...

Here is the link to what I got from Lisa in Australia. I had to retrieve it from my post office because we have "issues" with my carrier sometimes. I'm just glad it wasn't stolen.

Zebu said...


Can you give me the name of Melissa's blog? I want to find out if she ever received my package.

Thank you,


Lura said...

I have received part 2 of my swap and have posted about it!