Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Faith, Hope & Lullabies

I mentioned a few months back that I received a wonderful CD called Sing Over Me. I could listen to these songs over and over (and I do!)

The words and arrangements are worshipful and relaxing, and I enjoy singing along with old and new favorites. Because I've enjoyed this disc so much (and I also really like the Praise Baby series), I was intrigued when I saw an ad in my MOPS magazine for a new CD compilation called Faith, Hope & Lullabies: Songs of Worship. I went to the site to take a listen, and I loved what I heard: beautiful and soothing music!

I encourage you to check out these new CDs. (And if you write a review of the music on your blog, and follow the instructions on the site, you'll receive a free copy of Sing Over Me--what a deal!)


Jenny said...

I am going to check it out. I love inspiring music, it really is good for the soul.

Mom said...

I could only hear a portion of these songs -- is it all piano? (That's what it sounded like.) I agree with Jenny's comment -- good music is good for the soul! Love you, Mom

Jessica said...

I bought the Sing Over Me CD before my boys were born and I still listen to it, they are 2 now. We played it as part of our bedtime routine when the boys were babies. Now, I love to just have it on in the background as I am cooking, cleaning, paying bills, etc. It brings back such sweet memories!