Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Words I needed to hear

Having been more irritable than usual this week, I really needed to read this post yesterday--here's a compelling excerpt:

"It is still a learning curve for me, balancing housework, cooking, child training, home educating, and serving my husband. I still so often feel overwhelmed and under-equipped for the task at hand.

But regardless of how I feel... what do I communicate? That I revel in the role that God has given me? That there is absolutely no where else I would rather be? That I accept with joy even the mundane parts of my day (the laundry, the toilets, etc.)?

My daughters (and my sons as well) need to see a picture of a woman that is at rest, and even better, rejoicing in her role. They need to know that I love being a wife. Love being a mom. Love caring for my home and showing hospitality. That what God has called me to do is a privilege and NOT a burden.

My goal for today? To choose joy and contentment. To purposefully express to my daughter how very good God's ways are, and how right He was to place me right where I am- in my home!"


Mom said...

Wow -- those are compelling words! Praying for you today that you will feel joy and contentment in your home and roles as wife and mother. Love you, Mom

Wendi said...

Great post! Joy and contentment is what I always want, but not what I always project.

Corinne Doughan said...

I needed to read that too ... thanks for blogging about it.

Carmen said...

Wow...what a strong reminder that it is the hardest roles that matter the most. I'm glad you were encouraged by the words and prompted to share.

Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing!