Friday, May 29, 2009

Our new neighbors

A few weeks ago, Eric noticed we had something new in the neighborhood (aka our porch):
These two gorgeous eggs (which later became five) hatched earlier this week, and it's been neat to watch the mama bird bringing worms to her young. Being a new mom myself, I felt a connection to her when her babies were squawking for food! I'm sure these little birds will leave the nest soon, but we've enjoyed watching their lives unfold.


Mom said...

Great photos! Monica just sent me a photo of a cardinal sitting on a nest outside their front window -- so you've both been watching mama birds and their nests! :) Love, Mom

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Beautiful! Reminds me a little of that Dr. Seuss book, Are You My Mother? Not sure why exactly. ;)

Been meaning to send you some stove top recipes for summer dinners. The red meat/tomato issues make that a bit tricky! I'll get to that this weekend! I have a few ideas for you!

Kendra said...

Beautiful pics! I bet Nathan has enjoyed watching all this, too! How fun. Have a great weekend!!

Vanessa said...

What a lovely little home that mama picked out for her babes.

I just love Robin's eggs.

Hope all is well!!

- Vanessa

thehomespunheart said...

That is so cute, Carrie! I love that it was in your basket!! So cute!

We have a cardinal's nest in the azalea bush just outside our living room window. There are two white eggs with brown speckles and the mama has been very diligent at sitting on her nest!

When mom was here the nest was just a few twigs, so it has been fun to see the progress!

Love you,

Katie said...


What fun neighbors to have! :-) Those photos were so neat ~ that will be fun to show the kiddos, especially when they're older.
Thanks for sharing!

Have a great weekend!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

What a special treat you've been given to watch that unfold! Beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing!

Wendi said...

How fun to get to watch this happy family form!

Liz said...

We also had 3 eggs become 5 eggs...turns out we had a robin's nest in our grill followed by a starling coming in and taking over and eating the robins eggs and made it their own nest...made me sad.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

That is so cool, especially as you were able to get close enough to get such fabulous photos!

Amy said...

How sweet! We had a family that hatched in a bush behind our house. Those little birds are adorable!

Jenny said...

Beautiful photos, the birds eggs are such a wonderful blue color.