Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog friend extravaganza!

Wahoo--I got to see three blog friends on our recent vacation!
Jamie (far left) and I have been corresponding for a couple years and discovered we have many "small world" connections. I was excited to meet up with her and her two kids, who are very close in age to my own. (Luke is a couple months younger than Nathan, and Aubrey is two weeks older than Natalie!) My sister-in-law, Kendra, joined us for the park outing, which was even more fun because it turns out she and Jamie attend the same church! (Kendra's holding Natalie, and I have my niece Addison--all three baby girls were born in a 4-week block!) Since there were five young kids, it was a little challenging to have conversation =), but it was definitely fun to get together!

I've also been in touch with Tracy for a couple years, and it was fun to finally meet her in person. We had lunch at a local favorite, and the meal was made even sweeter by two fun bonuses: my mother-in-law generously shared a B1G1 meal coupon, and the restaurant was also handing out free gourmet cupcakes that day. Score! It was so great to meet you, Tracy!

This was the third time I got to meet up with Leah. Her house was literally on our route home, so we made a quick stop at her farm. Nathan was thrilled to see a John Deere tractor up close, and he also got to jump on their trampoline. I enjoyed seeing some of Leah's comfy home and just having a chance to chat for a bit. Thanks for hosting us, Leah--it was good to see you again!


Sarah said...

Hey, I know Tracy! We worked together with Encounter. And her blog was the one that connected me with yours and Monica's. It is a small world. Looks like you had fun!

Mom2fur said...

It is so awesome when you can meet a blogging friend in person! Glad you had a great time. Just think...20 years ago, you never would have had the opportunity to meet such nice people!

Jamie - Family Focused Fun said...

Aww! Thanks! It was so fun to actually meet you and the little ones, and also to get to meet Kendra too! What fun! I still can't get over all the little things we have in common. :-)
We have already devoured your strawberry jam! Yum and thank you!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to meet up with so many friends - must have been so fulfilling to you to see a few fabulous in particular... :)


Mom said...

How fun that you were able to meet some blogging friends! Love, Mom