Monday, July 27, 2009

Random freecycling

We just returned from our vacation, and I have several posts brewing when I can find the time!

Meanwhile, I'm offering two random items for free to anyone who may be interested:

*a coupon for Six Flags--free kids' ticket with purchase of general admission ticket. Go to their site to see a list of participating locations.

*I've mentioned the Five Aspects of Woman study before, and while I plan to keep my notebook, I'd be happy to pass along my set of 17 audio lecture CDs. The accompanying workbook materials can be purchased here. (NOW TAKEN)

Please leave me a comment if you're interested--first come, first served.


thehomespunheart said...

If the Five Aspects is still available - I'd love it! I know I borrowed it before and couldn't get into it, but I would really like to try again as I know the material would be enjoyable and helpful to me.

If someone else beat me to it - no biggie,

Welcome home!

Michele said...

would love the 5 Aspects cds

Ginger said...

Carrie, I made your cranberry sauce crockpot chicken tonight; it's a winner!