Friday, October 9, 2009

Colorado, part 2: family

We got lots of cute pix of Grammie and Grandpa snuggling with Natalie:

I love my sister!

Yay--all smiles, no blinks:

(Happy birthday to the handsome man on the far left!)


Hayley said...

Your parents look great, Carrie! Looks like you enjoyed your time with them, and looks like the N and N had a great time too! Thanks for sharing.......say "hello" to them both from me.

Hayley said...

To be clear, I meant say hello to your parents for me, but you can also say hello to Nathan and Natalee too.....LOL....I need coffee.

...they call me mommy... said...

Looks like you had a GREAT trip! :)


Kara K said...

You can tell Eric that he's still my favorite E.A.

Anonymous said...

SO great to talk to you this morning - thanks for calling! I'm praying for you. Try to get some rest. Hope the rest of your day went well. Love you!!


Mom said...

Dear Carrie, thanks for sharing these photos of our lovely time together -- I especially love the one of Natalie's big smile while I'm smooching her cheek! :) Thanks to Mandi for helping you make this trip, and Hi back to Hayley! :) Lots of love, Mom