Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've been meaning to mention some random blog business things:

1. I've decided to link all of my book recommendations to an Amazon Associates account, which gives me the potential to earn a small percentage of a sale anytime someone purchases a book through the link on my blog. I was linking to Amazon anyway when mentioning books I've enjoyed, so it made sense to me to try this out.

2. I also decided to add word verification on my comments. I didn't want to do so, but I was getting an increasing amount of spam, and felt this was the best way to counter that. Since enabling the verification, I've not received any spam. Yay!

3. For the last bit of business, some friends (you know who you are, D+K!) requested I post a hunting pic of Eric. I don't post these regularly, because 1) this is a blog about my interests primarily and hunting is not one of them =) and 2) I know not everyone supports or appreciates hunting. (I've received comments in the past to prove that point, but this is after all a personal blog, so I will oblige our friends.) Nonetheless, here is Eric with 5 of the 10 birds he brought home this past weekend. (If you're unfamiliar with pheasant hunting, that is a phenomenal number!)


Mom said...

Congratulations on your hunting success, Eric -- love, Mom O

angie said...

I grew up in a family of hunters. Do you prepare any of the meat that Eric brings home?

Maggie said...

Go, Eric! I looked out my kitchen window last week and there were two deer staring at me! I guess people are feeding them? Have a wonderful Christmas you guys and safe travel. Maggie