Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another mish-mash post

Thanks for all your thoughts on Friday's post. It's been very exciting to see all the ways people are reaching out to our neighbors in Haiti!

I use a daily calendar in praying for Nathan and Natalie, and interestingly, the trait for the 15th (Friday) was generosity! And this verse was written that same day on a Scripture calendar I use: "He [the man who fears the Lord] has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor, his righteousness endures forever; his horn will be lifted high in honor." Psalm 112:9

I thought that was pretty cool.

And now for some other random stuff:

*Just curious if anyone has tried an alternative to fabric softener sheets, like these or these? Monica made me a neat wool dryer ball, and it's been great in the summer, but in the winter, we have a ton of static on our clothes, especially all of our fleece items. I'm not sure what to do . . . I recently read that adding vinegar to the washer helps with static--have any of you tried that?

*I drink a glass of this stuff when I'm on the edge of a cold. I really think it works and often recommend it to others. I was excited to see that Target has released a (cheaper) store-brand version, and hope it will be just as effective!

*In addition to hunting pheasant, Eric usually goes out one weekend to hunt deer. This is the first time I can remember that he hasn't brought one home. (He was in a new location this time around, and I think his group only saw one deer the entire day, which is quite unusual.) Anyway, we know another couple who has a steady supply of deer meat, but the husband no longer hunts for pheasant. I decided to ask them if they'd be interested in swapping some meat. They were delighted to do so, and I was really glad I asked. I often read about bartering/swapping, and I'm usually blank on what to offer, but this time it worked out great!

*I wanted to give a shout-out to my dear blog friend Katie who recently surprised me with a copy of this. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I am looking forward to a date or two with Anne with an E! You are a kindred spirit, Katie. Thank you!

*Thanks to all who sent crockpot ideas when I requested them. I have quite a few I hope to try soon!


Jan said...

What a coincidence....I just treated myself to "Anne of Green Gables", the book. Because I need more books SO BADLY. lol

Tracy said...

I have tried vinegar in the rinse cycle, and didn't think it helped. A friend of mine uses liquid fabric softener in a spray bottle. She squirts a little onto an old washcloth, and tosses it in with each load. It's worth a try.

Katie said...

Hey Carrie ~ thanks for the shout-out! Hope you enjoy it!! :-) [Maybe call a few girlfriends over to watch it with you...maybe to honor a certain special occasion happening in 5 days?!]

And I do use a set of plastic dryer balls that I order through a fundraiser for my neice's choir, and I will say they work quite nicely ~ even in the winter. (Although one is missing at the moment...can't imagine that happening with a few young ones around...)

I love your idea of a daily prayer calendar!

Looking forward to see what crockpot recipes you like!

Have a great week and *weekend*!
:-) Katie

Tracy said...

I'm anxiously waiting to see the responses to your static question! The worst is when I reach in the dryer to pull out the fleece and ZAP, ZAP, ZAP! Not to mention the kids HAIR! ; )

angie said...

After I read your post, I was flipping through the All You magazine. It listed an alternative to disposable dryer sheets. They are reusable dryer sheets sold for $15 for 2 at chartreuseproducts.com. The blip about them says, "Reusable sheets cost more up front, but you can use each one as many as 500 times, saving money in the long run. Plus they don't contain chemicals, so are more eco-friendly.
Hope that helps!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

I use vinegar in the rinse with our towels. It works beautifully to soften them. I haven't noticed any static, but then, our towels aren't typically staticky anyway.

kelseylynae said...

[I just left a big comment that somehow disappeared so I'm trying one more time]

I have used dryer balls for several years [started using them in college, actually]. I really like them, but do find that certain materials, like fleece, do tend to create a lot of static. I usually just make sure to take those items out of the drying cycle and hang them on racks in the house [in the winter] to dry. Sometimes though, I will just throw in one dryer sheet with the balls in loads that contain these items.

Let us know what you end up doing! :)

[Also, in response to your blog comment: Brent and I are discussing and praying about that very topic :)]

milissa said...

I used to use the dryer balls and I absolutely do NOT recommend them. I noticed after a few cycles that they were destroying my clothes. However, I'm pretty sure I still have them and I will mail you mine if you really want to try them out...but my experience was they were hard on my clothes.

I also LOVE emergen-C...I drink them everyday. Thanks for pointing out Target now has a brand, I'll have to try that out. :)

thehomespunheart said...

I've noticed that fleece creates a lot of static as well - and I read somewhere that drying time could contribute to static as well.

milissa said...

Hey Carrie...just wanted to repond to your comment on my post. I can't remember the brand of dryer balls I bought...but they look EXACTLY like the picture on your link...those spikey blue dryer balls. I think I picked them up at Bed, Bath & Beyond or Linens & Things. Anyways, I was only using them with my towels and linens...mostly my fleece blankets since those seem to be the most static-y and we have an allergy in the house to normal dryer sheets. The dryer balls seemed to beat the blankets up in the dryer so they now have lots of "pills" on them. I didn't notice it with towels quite so much, but when I noticed it with my blankets, I stopped using the dryer balls because I didn't want to ruin my regular clothes. Maybe they are okay with plain ole cotton garments or tougher garments like jeans...maybe it's just because the linens were so soft, but I'm hard enough on my clothes, I don't need for them to get beat up in the wash & dry cycle so I just stopped using them. Hope that helps.

Mom said...

Great idea to swap pheasant/deer meat -- glad that worked out! Enjoy Anne -- wish I could watch with you! :) love you, Mom

Madonna said...

I own the whole series about Anne. I reread the whole series at least once a year. I have seen the first 3 movies but didn't even know there were more. I am going to start using my amazon gc to buy all the anne movies. Its one of my dreams to visit PEI.

Sara said...

I also swear by Emergen-C - I haven't seen the Target version yet but now I will look - that is great news!

john marshall said...

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