Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 on the 10th: the ramble edition

I had so much fun participating in Mer's 10 on the 10th last month that I thought I'd do it again. This time I don't really have a theme, just a random list of 10 things:

1. I don't like using overhead lights, especially at night, and I prefer natural light as much as possible during the day.

2. Kiwi used to be my favorite fruit, but I hadn't had one for probably a couple years until Eric sliced one up for my birthday breakfast in bed. (What a sweetie!) While I was overseas in college, I learned from a Frenchman that you can eat kiwi fruit with the skin on. Kinda funny, since the peel is furry, but I've done it a few times. My current favorite fruit is definitely fresh pineapple!

3. Speaking of pineapple, I recently read about this gadget, and decided to purchase one using some of my birthday money! It's in the mail right now, but I'll let you know soon what I think.

4. Sometimes I really enjoy eating a meal by myself at home--not so much at restaurants, although I've done it several times. A few years ago, I had lunch by myself at Applebee's as kind of a personal challenge. And even though I brought a book to read, I still felt awkward/silly.

5. I truly love practical gifts. My friend Mandi and I were laughing about this recently, because we are totally different in this regard. One of my favorite birthday presents was these pens (my long-time favorite, a splurge compared to basic Bics or freebies)--thanks, Grandma!

6. Along the lines of #5, my friend Sara gave me a roll of this when it first came out. I use it very sparingly, and she will laugh out loud when she reads this, because I've had that same box for over 6 years now! (She knew when she gave it to me that I'd been wanting to try it, but wouldn't spend the money--in my opinion, that is a fabulous kind of present!) Sadly, the roll is almost gone, so if anyone has a coupon, feel free to send it my way. =)

7. OK, well, maybe this list is turning into a theme of my quirky favorite gifts. Because while typing this, I just realized I hadn't yet shared about a fabulous package my sister-in-law, Kristin, sent me for Christmas. I'm a fan of Trader Joe's, but rarely have a chance to shop there. A friend got me hooked on this delicious snack, and Kristin sent me two packages of them, in addition to all this other fun loot. Love it!

8. I have a bad habit of looking at the clock when I (inevitably) wake up in the middle of the night. I then have an even worse habit of doing the math in my head of how many hours of sleep I've gotten, how much sleep I might get before Natalie wakes up, etc. Naturally, these calculations probably cause me to get less sleep on some occasions. The phrase "Don't lose sleep over it" comes to mind . . .

9. Last fall, I read on my friend Leah's blog that she only subscribes to as many blogs as she is years old. I thought that was an interesting idea and decided to follow suit. Thanks to a recent birthday, I was able to add a new one to my reader: this was my selection, a thought-provoking blog I just discovered a couple weeks ago.

10. I smiled when I saw a recent article called "You're so organized" I recently had coffee (correction: a caramel steamer--I don't like coffee!) with several acquaintances, and after launching into a description of my reusable trip packing list, one of the girls raised her eyebrows at me, and said "Wow, you must be really organized!" Well, I try. But as we all know, everybody has their trouble spots! Last week, Eric and I finally attacked our guest room closet, which had become a total catchall disaster. Eric was in shock when we pulled everything out and covered two twin beds with the contents, especially since it's a pretty small closet! After much sorting and removing, I'm happy to say it looks a ton better.

Thanks for hosting, Mer! If you survived reading my list and are hankering for more, click here. =)


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

What a great list. Isn't it wonderful to have friends who know you so well, that they know exactly what to give you?

Melissa said...

I had my Press & Seal wrap for at least that long until I finally gave it to my Mom when we moved. I must be too stupid, I just couldn't figure it out....

I agree that those are the best kind of gifts though..something you want but won't spend the money for it.

Hayley said...

So funny..........I do the same thing on #8. I sometimes wake up at 2 or 3am, and think to myself, I only have 4 hours of sleep left, that's not much, and in trying to get back to sleep, I constantly glance at the clock to see how much less time I have to sleep....and the cycle repeats itself for about an hour before I finally doze off again.

thehomespunheart said...

Amen to #1! Have never tried #6, have definitely done #8 and if age compares to the number of blogs I subscribe to - I just aged 25 years!

O Mom said...

Great list and I love practical gifts too! The press-n-seal I have always wanted to try but am too cheap to buy it, too funny, what a good friend! :)

Mom said...

Fun list! :) Love you, Mom

Katie said...

Neat list, Carrie!

I totally agree on #1. I love using lamps in the evening too because they just seem to look so cozy! :-) Is it weird that I like to take a lamp in our camper for the same reason?? (It's a battery operated one though.)

Also, I was intrigued by your #4. So, I have a question for you on that one... Whenever I am in a restaurant with my family and I see someone sitting by themselves having coffee, reading a book, I always feel compelled to go say hello or say something! But, in your opinion, would that be bothering the person who was trying to be alone or do you think they would actually enjoy that?! I know weird question and probably depends on each individual person, but just thought I would ask... :-)

Have never tried the press'n'seal, but I know a lot of people like it! I think it's great that you've had it for 6 years!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

This was random, but it was a GOOD random!

I did not know you could eat kiwi with the skin on. Interesting.

Cracked me up too that you still have the same roll of Press and Seal for years now. I've never even bought it.

So glad you played along, Carrie.

Carpool Queen said...

I'm a lamp girl - First thing I do at night after the kids go to bed is turn off all the overhead lights and turn on every lamp in the room.

It's just cozier.p

whimzie said...

I used to make fun of my mom because she was constantly turning off overhead lights in favor of lamps. And now I do the same thing.

I bought one of those pineapple things when we still lived in Hawaii. I loved it. This is going to sound corny, but it uses the pineapple more efficiently than when you cut it with a knife.

Never saw that edamame when we lived near TJ's. It's probably a good thing.

According to your age rule, I should be in the Guiness Book as the world's oldest woman.

(I came over from Mer's blog.)

Anonymous said...

I will try to promise to always get you practical gifts. You understand it's completely against my nature though. :)

Love you, my little practical pookie!