Monday, February 22, 2010

Checking in

I wanted to post a few random updates while I'm thinking of them:

*The part-time job I've been doing for the past 6 weeks wraps up today. I've enjoyed the work, but am also glad it was a temporary situation. I put in a lot of extra hours last week leading up to the event we'd been planning, so it will feel nice to have a little more "down" time!

*I was recently asked if I've continued to take monthly retreats now that I have two kids. I do take them, but less frequently (about every other month)--this is something I'd like to be more consistent about. My retreats are usually shorter now (But it's amazing what even an hour can do to provide clarity and much needed peace and quiet!) and I often just hide out in our bedroom with the door closed and a fan turned on to block the noise!

*My dad is doing pretty well, and just signed up for another marathon. Praise the Lord! I definitely plan to be at the finish line--his determination is an inspiration!

*It's snow, snow, snow around these parts. Last week a radio announcer made a joke that the low that night was "warming up" to NEGATIVE 12. Yikes! Here's a pic of Nathan taken yesterday in our yard. (That is the actual amount of snow--no alterations were made in this photo!)
*Eric and Nathan had the opportunity at our church this weekend to help package food kits that will be shipped to Haiti. Nathan's continued to talk and pray about the situation there, so it was really neat that he could do something hands-on to help.

*As usual, I have lots of posts brewing in my head, but first up will be a riveting post about . . . laundry! I know the wait will be difficult. =)

Have a good week, everyone!


Wendi said...

That is alot of snow! Our snow is melting and I can actually see grass. Yeah!

Mom said...

Glad to read these updates -- stay warm!! Love you, Mom

erin said...

i hate to tell you, but we actually turned our AC on yesterday (humid and warm), but there is a chance for a 'wintry mix' of sleet and possible snow later this week. :) ahhh, winter in TX!

gail said...

good to see another update post. you know, we all want to know what you're up to.

i haven't been good at taking my retreats this last year and i can tell my soul has been yearning to return them. last week i got an inspiration to take my books, journal, et to a local coffee shop that is owned/runned by a local church (it has such a good atmosphere!) just taking a few hours out of that day so recharged my batteries. it was wonderful. so i'm planning on doing it on a weekly basis. i know i have a bit more free time than you do to do this (having a 12 yr old and all) but i applaud your determination to go into your room, close the door and put on some white noise to shut out the world. a great creative solution, my friend.

can;t wait to read your post about laundry--lol

Anonymous said...



Katie said...

Nice update, Carrie! The view outside my window is very one word...white! :-)

Thanks for the update on the retreats too. I like your idea of just having some quiet time even in your own house...when my hubby is home again, I might just have to try that.

So glad to hear about your dad...we are all rooting him on!!

I know I'm anxious for another laundry post... =) I just started making my own laundry soap! (Correction ~ my hubby made it for me...but I got him the recipe and the ingredients.) Can't wait to hear what you have to share!

Kelly said...

This is the first time we've seen a pic of all the snow. Yikes! What are the chances we'll still see remnants of those piles in May? I sure hope we don't!