Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Apples to apples

Thanks to all who commented with some grocery prices for your general area. I found the comparisons fascinating!

Here are the prices at my local grocery, followed by the average price calculated from the comments:

a gallon of generic skim non-organic milk $2.65 ($2.60)
The highest milk price in the survey was $3.61 (New Jersey); the lowest price represented was $1.99 (Southeast).

a dozen large non-organic eggs $1.29 ($1.64)
The highest price of eggs was a whopping $2.99 in Southern CA (though my sister-in-law said they're usually on sale for $1.99); the lowest price was $1.08 in a Midwest suburb.

a loaf of generic white/wheat bread $1.29 ($1.70)
These prices were the most varied: the highest was $2.50 (again New Jersey, but a different commenter, so likely a different area) and the lowest price was 79 cents in the eastern Midwest.

bananas per pound: $ 0.49 ($ 0.62)
Banana prices ranged from 79 cents/pound (a Midwest suburb and once again, New Jersey!) to 49 cents in quite a few places.

Personally, I was intrigued to see that my local prices for milk and eggs were higher than a lot of other places, especially considering we are a very agricultural region and have a major dairy just down the road. However, my local prices are still below the averages calculated here so I can't complain. I have to give a shout-out to all the New Jersey-ites (New Jersians?!) for having high prices across the board!
I know this wasn't a very scientific survey, but it was interesting to me nonetheless and I appreciate all who participated. I hope you also enjoyed reading these comparisons!


Mom said...

Interesting that prices vary so widely on some items around the country. Yay for sale prices! Love you, Mom

thehomespunheart said...

Hey Carrie,

After reporting that milk was $1.99 (it still is) but apparently everyone else knows that too because we went to get some and it was sold out!

Walgreens has had it marked $1.99 for several months in an effort to draw customers who might buy other things while in the store. Interesting...

I think it was $3 something at Wal-Mart - so a big difference.

Katie said...

Interesting range of prices! I also thought that our prices would be lower because of the area we live, but I won't complain either. :-) Neat survey!

Brie said...

Thanks for the info! It'd be interesting to see how people's salaries compare to the food prices based on where they live to see if we're paying an equivalent percentage of our earnings on groceries. That'd be way to hard to do on a blog, though!

angie said...

Yikes! New Jersey is known for its high cost of living--property taxes, insurance, and (I just learned) groceries. I will continue to thank God for his provisions in this place.

Kitty said...

I came across your blog through one at the homesteadblogger where I have my blog. I had to laugh because I just a few minutes ago posted a similar post about the prices that I payed today at the grocery store. My prices from Louisiana seem to be a bit higher than yours. Check out my blog for the prices that I have posted.........Kitty