Wednesday, April 7, 2010

La familia

I wanted to share a few family updates.

*First, I have a couple cute Nathan stories to share. Nathan (aka Mr. Observant) recently learned what litter is. And as he is prone to do when he's learning about something, he points it out everywhere. I knew it was only a matter of time before he yelled "litter!" in front of an unsuspecting neighbor. Last week, he was riding his bike, and I was pushing Natalie in the stroller behind him. Sure enough, he saw a piece of newspaper on a lawn, and instantly announced its presence in front of the homeowner! Thankfully, the woman had a good laugh over it, rather than being offended. =)

After a recent sneeze, Nathan ran up to me asking for a tissue, saying he had just "bless you'd". He thought a sneeze was called a "bless you!" Funny.

*As for Natalie, we had her one-year portraits taken when we were in Kansas City. This is the one we ordered:
And this was a close second:

I love her sweet expressions, and this outfit makes me smile. The darling dress and shoes belonged to my nieces, and Emily even wore the white sandals to our wedding!

*Several of you have written to ask about my dad. We are so grateful for your continued prayers for our family! My dad had a recent appointment, and learned that the treatment is still being effective. We praise the Lord for this! There are of course still concerns and challenges, but we are thankful for some good news in the midst of them. My dad is still training for a June marathon, and continues to have an amazing attitude!


Katie said...

Darling "Nathan" stories and darling "Tali" photos!! :-) What a beautiful family! So thrilled to hear about your dad ~ continuing to pray for complete healing! How many marathons has he ran in now?? What an inspiration ~ looking forward to hearing the results of June run!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

The bless you story made me smile! You'll be glad you have that written down one day!

Natalie is beautiful! I love the picture you chose.

And VERY thankful to hear that your dad is doing well! Thank you for the update.

Mom said...

* Love the stories about Nathan -- if everyone else was as concerned about litter, we'd have a lot less of it!

* Darling Natalie! :) It was special to be there when her photos were taken ~

* We are thankful for Dad's good report -- thanks for sharing!

Love you lots, Mom

Wendi said...

Wonderful news about your dad! It seems that he has such a great attitude. So much I could probably learn from him about how to live a positive life!

Love the sweet picture of the birthday girl. I have the hardest time to choose just one pose.

Great Nathan stories. It is hard to get mad when a kid is just being honest!

erin said...

awesome post! :) Natalie's pictures are great - so much personality!

p.s. tell your dad he needs to start writing a book - it is a story that needs to be told! :)

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Oh, she is so cute! And such good news about your dad!

Jan said...

Heh, I'll never forget when my then-preschooler, now-23-year-old son told a rather large teen "hey, you're littering, pick that up!". I tried to shush him but he just insisted the boy clean up. :D

I've been running off and on since January '09 and am getting ready for my first marathon on May 2nd. I think of your dad often when things get tough!

Kara K said...

Thanks for sharing the stories. Annalise and I were thinking a road trip up to see Nicole might be fun ... would that be something you'd be interested in?

PS - my word verification is "zerts" which is close to "nerts" which reminds me of how you are the craziest nerts player ever!