Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Linkadoos: the Earth Day edition

I've come across several inspiring green blog posts lately, and wanted to share them with you in honor of Earth Day:

*Appreciated this post from Mer with her own "green linkadoos"--she inspired me to sign up for this cool program.

*If you'd like to receive a free reusable grocery bag, click here to take a brief (and easy!) quiz and your bag will be on its way!

*Over the past year, I've saved quite a few of Stephanie's posts in my "star" file, including these thoughtful and challenging posts on 29 ways to reduce waste in your home, why and how to conserve water, and creatively repurpose items in your home.

*If you're still in the mood to keep reading about this topic, I've written quite a few posts on going green. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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Mom said...

Great links and thoughts -- although I couldn't find the quiz to get the free grocery bag. Stephanie's list of 29 ways to reduce waste is a good one. Thanks for sharing -- and Happy Earth Day! Love, Mom

*carrie* said...


You have to click on "come into the kitchen"--hope it works for you!

Ronnica said...

Just finished writing my Earth Day post for tomorrow. Thanks for the link to a free grocery bag...I like to use reusable bags, but I don't want to buy any!

Katie said...


Neat quiz ~ I got one answer wrong (the name of the cookbook) and I admit I totally had to guess on like three of them! Interesting facts ~ especially about the meat!! (I seem to remember Sleeth mentioning that in his book too!) I think I should rethink our tacos/spaghetti/hamburger items in our menu!! Thanks as always for inspiring me to be a better steward of God's creation!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

So guess what? I found a single stream recycling bin very close to John's office that takes ALL recyclables. I'm going to hold off on recyclebank for now because I can save a few bucks by having John take our stuff by there every few weeks. Will has a track meet this afternoon at the middle school in Briargate (with the recycling bin) so in honor of Earth Day, I'm going to take a monster load of recycling!

Thanks for the links, Carrie!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

One more thing: check out this link that I came across yesterday! I'm going to try to experiment to make some of these!

Katie said...

Hey Carrie,

Totally off the subject of this post, but I was wondering if you and Monica were planning any swaps this spring/summer? :-)

Just thought of it and wanted to ask before I forgot...hope you had a blessed day!