Monday, April 12, 2010

Offering Hospitality on a Budget, part 2

Thanks to all who left comments (both here and there) on my first guest post at Offering Hospitality last week. My second post, on simple suppers, can be found here.


angie said...

Oops...I can't link to your second guest post. With baseball season upon us, I don't want to miss your thoughts on simple suppers.

*carrie* said...


Sorry the link wasn't active yet--the hospitality blog is hosted on the West Coast, so I couldn't paste it right away.

The title would more appropriately be "simple supper," as I wrote about just one easy and inexpensive meal idea for having others over.

However, regarding you and baseball season, I am loving my crockpot for other simple supper ideas. It's been so nice lately to come home from the park after 5:00, and have supper ready to go!