Friday, May 21, 2010

Femininity and stewardship

My blog friend Katie has been writing a series on the topic of femininity, and she asked me to write a post about femininity and stewardship. You can read my post here. (And while I'm mentioning Katie, she recently created this lovely award, which I was honored to receive. Thanks, Katie!)


Katie said...

Thanks for sharing about stewardship for the series, Carrie, and for the link! Have a wonderful weekend with family!!


Kristin said...

I've seen that book popping up quite a bit lately, which is interesting to me because Pat Ennis goes to our church and teaches at The Master's College (where Paul is!). She is a wonderful lady and I've heard her on this topic a couple of times, which is always a blessing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Jamie said...

I enjoyed looking at the article you referenced. Thanks!