Friday, May 7, 2010

Review: Super Sounds Soccer

Monica recently did a giveaway of a fun soccer toy, and the company offered her the same item to review herself. Being the gracious sister she is, she asked if I could do the review instead. She knew Nathan would enjoy playing with the soccer goal, which was very thoughtful indeed.

Here are my pros and cons about Super Sounds Soccer, which comes with a goal, target and ball.

+Goalposts are sturdy. We live on a windy corner, and Eric and I were both impressed that the small goal stayed standing during strong gusts.
+The goal is a nice size--large enough to have a good shot, but compact for storage and carrying around.
+Nathan likes that the target makes a sound whenever the ball goes into the net. (Though, unfortunately, he is quite distraught at every miss!)
+The target is moveable and can accomodate two players if you want to keep score. It also has two levels if the child wants to aim at the target itself instead of the entire net.

-Eric said the instructions for putting the goal together were poorly written.
-Due to the aforementioned windy corner, the target makes its cheering sounds even when we aren't shooting the ball.

Eric and I thought the retail price seemed a little high, until I compared it to similar products. You can obviously create a makeshift goal for much less, or even free, but if you're in the market for something more official, this is a good starter set.
Nathan has been more excited about playing soccer now, and taking after his father's side of the family, he is an amazing shot already! Eric and I have had fun with this new toy, as well, and we are thankful for the opportunity to write a review. (And if you're interested in purchasing this toy, you can find it here--with a price lower than the suggested retail!)

Top photo: He shoots! Bottom photo: He scores!


thehomespunheart said...

Yeah! I love seeing the pictures of N1 enjoying the soccer goal!

And, great review - so, the wind makes it cheer?! Funny. Glad you are having fun with it!!

Thanks for calling yesterday and for the super fun gift!

Katie said...

Thanks for the review, Carrie! It does sound like it would be fun for my middle little's age. :-) Although, she's not that into soccer at the moment, but she does enjoy watching our oldest play sports (including soccer). I bet she would love to hear the fun sounds!

Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing that review. I saw it over at Monica's and was wondering how it worked. Appreciate learning a little bit more about it!