Friday, May 28, 2010


Last week when my dad was here, I was able to squeeze in a check-up at the dentist's office. (Since I've written on that recently, I will share that it was overall a good report, considering I'd not been in 3 years! I have no cavities, but my teeth do show considerable wear from grinding at night. I was proud--for the first time ever--to say that I've been flossing regularly!)

Anyways, the dentist's office is in a neighboring town, and there is a bakery down the road. When I'm over there, I like to stop in and check out their day-old rack. They usually have nice bread and other goodies marked down to 80 cents a package. I was perusing the rack next to a couple of other people, and my eye drifted to the bottom shelf, where I saw this:
I did a double-take because it looked to me like this enormous bag of bread cost just $1.75. I quickly grabbed the large package and hauled it over to the counter. The clerk confirmed that the price was accurate, and I could barely contain my excitement at such a bargain!

When I got home, I spread everything out on the counter, and being the nerd that I am, I even pulled out my calculator to add up the original sticker prices of each item. I ended up with about $25 worth of bread, including the exact kind of buns I'd intended to purchase in the first place. Since we have a deep freezer, we have plenty of space to store these goodies until their time is right!
Have any of you found a fun bargain lately? I'd love to hear!


Wendi said...

Wow! Great score.

Mom said...

Wow! Great deal! :) Dad told me about this, but the photo adds to the story! Don't you love it when things like this happen? Enjoy these goodies, which will probably taste even better since you got such a good deal on them! :)
Love you, Mom

angie said...

Not recently have I scored such a good deal. But last summer, I got 75 bananas for $1. And the summer prior, I got bottles of Apples&Eve juice made with veggies for 60 cents each. I bought all that was on the shelf--33 bottles!

Sheila said...

I love my bread outlet, but I've never gotten close to that! I feel like I should say congratulations! :)

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...


I bought an angel food cake pan this week at a thrift store for less than $1. It's in fabulous shape. I bought it with the intention of giving it to a friend who bakes, since her birthday is this weekend. However, I emailed to ask if she ever makes angel food, and she said she only did it once, and it killed her to use all those egg whites with no use for the yolks. So... that tells me she has the right pan already, and she wouldn't be using it anyway. Oh well. Guess I can always use it myself!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Doesn't it feel great? I was at Goodwill the other day with my trusty list of things to look for when something "shiny" caught my eye. It was a Pasta Machine and since I've always wanted to try to make homemade pasta but never had the nerve or the machine I decided that at $5 with a $1.25 discount I couldn't go wrong. I got it home and started looking around online and the same piece was going on Ebay for $65.00 and other websites for up to $135. I decided it was only a good deal if I actually used it, so Saturday afternoon while my littles slept I made pasta (IT WAS SOOOOOO EASY) and some carbonara sauce and called the neighbors to join our family for dinner. Also for dessert was lemon-icebox pie with some free lemons from wedding centerpieces that my husband hauled home when he helped them clean up. Thrifty and Delish.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Sheesh - that is a score!! Don't you love that feeling of filling the freezer?