Monday, June 21, 2010

Accident prone

Over the course of the weekend, each member of our family suffered a variety of (thankfully minor) injuries:

*Natalie fell on concrete and got her first skinned knee. =(

*I had a nosebleed and later that day fell down a couple stairs, scraping my arm and hurting my foot.

*Nathan fell off his bike, and he must have ridden over something sharp because there was a hole in his tire that required a trip to the repair shop.

*Eric walked into the edge of a door in a dark room, acquiring a forehead gash in the process; The next day while trying to slice apart two frozen hamburgers, the knife sliced his finger instead and bled profusely. Fortunately, he did not need stitches, but it was still painful!

*Even our poor dog, Reggie, hurt his foot on Saturday and limped around the rest of the day! Speaking of Reg, yesterday while setting the table for our Father's Day dinner, I ran out of the room for a minute, and he jumped up and ate the entire plate of (homemade!) bread I'd set out. Boo! (Incidentally, on Eric's first Father's Day 3 years ago, Reggie caught and devoured a baby rabbit in our yard right before we were supposed to sit down to eat. Eric was so frustrated by the situation that he could hardly eat the dinner I'd lovingly prepared. It was not a very happy first Father's Day meal!)

I'm grateful these instances don't usually happen all at the same time. I have to admit I thought of this blogger's family, as they always seem to be getting into scrapes!


Kristin said...

Carrie, what a bummer! I'm glad things weren't more serious. I hope you had an enjoyable Father's Day in spite of it all.

Katie said...

Oh my! Sorry to hear about all these mishaps! When we were on vacation, our daughter tripped and hit the corner of a coffee table in the unit we were staying in ~ she ended up getting a pretty good bruise from that. And while we were at Laura Ingalls Wilder's home in MO, my son tripped and scraped both his knees! So I can relate! I, too, am glad this is not the norm! Happy First Day of Summer!

Mom said...

Ouch!! Hope everyone recovers from the cuts, bumps, and bruises in a hurry! Love to all, Mom

gail said...

sounds like you're not feeding your dog enough---lol!!! sorry about all the scrapes and mishaps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie:

Ooooh....SO sorry for all of your scrapes & bumps & cuts this weekend. It does seem that "When it rains, it pours", doesn't it?

Hope everyone recovers quickly!

Love you, Grandma

Kara K said...

Carrie - so sorry to hear about your mishaps! Thanks for including your whole family, even Reggie!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...


And I'm really sorry about the dog eating the bread. That must have been so frustrating! But on the positive side, you have a healthy, rambunctious pet! I'd love to have that back with my Calvin. (I'm not saying that to make you feel guilty or anything. Just trying to put a positive spin on things.)