Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogging blessings

Recently, I've been blessed in real life by two women I met through blogging.

I remember my surprise and excitement when I first came across Leah's blog, because we quickly discovered that we live about an hour away from each other. We've been able to get together on several occasions, but last month she did a gracious favor for me. I have a great-aunt who lives in the same town as Leah, and this relative was undergoing rehabilitation following an injury. I knew taking Nathan with me to the care facility would not allow for much visiting, and I decided to e-mail Leah to see if she and her daughters would be open to hosting Nathan at their farm for a couple hours. The girls willingly agreed, and Nathan had a blast. Thank you, Leah, Brittany and Suzanne for your hospitality!
I mentioned to you that we recently met up with my parents for my dad's marathon. We started making plans months ago, and my mom was struggling to find affordable lodging that fit our needs. One night when I couldn't sleep, I suddenly remembered that a couple years ago, I'd learned of a blogger named Kathleen whose family directs a Christian camp in the Black Hills. I looked up the site the next morning and sent my mom the link. She called immediately, and Kathleen set us up in this fabulous cabin:
I'm often grateful for the many wonderful people I've met and "met" through blogging, but wanted to specifically highlight these two ladies and the ways they recently blessed my family. How have you been blessed by the blogging community?


Mom said...

My biggest blessings from the world of blogging have come from you and Monica! Your blogs are a wonderful way to keep up with what is going in your lives, and I so appreciate the effort you both put into your great blogs!

Of course, I shared in the blessing of the great cabin made possible by your connection with Kathleen -- it was a perfect place for us to spend a few days together. Thanks, Kathleen!

I've learned and been encouraged with money-saving ideas, crock pot recipes, updates on friends, and ideas for things to do. I wish blogs had been around when I was a young mom!

Love you, Mom

Katie said...

So very very neat, Carrie! That cabin looks so fun, and it looks like Nathan enjoyed himself ~ how gracious of these fellow bloggers to help you out. :-)

I have been blessed immensely through so many convicting and encouraging posts I read when I have the time, and your blog has been no exception! I appreciate you, your zeal for the Lord, and the gentle yet thought-provoking way you share your journey of stewardship in all facets of life.

So for all of that ~ thank you!

Carrie said...

I think this is an AWESOME post because it reminds us that our bloggy friends are real - and real blessings!

I just stayed with Jennifer, my managing editor at 5 minutes for Books, in her home last month when I traveled to New York. It was wonderful of her to host me and share her family with me for four whole days! Not only did it save me lots of money that I would have otherwise had to spend on a hotel room - but I had an awesome time with a great friend!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

This was so very nice to read!

I've had people send me things here and there, including a huge box a couple of weeks ago full of rubber stamps and other crafting materials. It wasn't from a blogger, just someone who reads my blog and thought I'd appreciate it.

My greatest blogging blessing, though, was getting back in touch with my cousin, whom I hadn't seen since we were teenagers. (Complicated story as to why.) She lives just the next town over. She'd been reading my blog and commenting on it, although I didn't know who she was. Still didn't figure it out upon checking out her blog. But finally she emailed me. We've gotten together a couple of times, traded books, etc. It's been great!

Kali said...

This is a great post! It's so cool how God can use something as simple as a blog to connect us others and bless us in big ways. I was recently blessed by your blog and giveaway, which I just blogged about yesterday...I love my new immersion hand blender! So thanks for the suggestion (in your 10 kitchen gadgets post) and of course for the generous giveaway. I am most grateful :)

janhad3 said...

You don't know me, but I was introduced to your sister Monica's blog through a friend and, therefore, found yours as well. I read both of you regularly and have enjoyed the simple beauties that you share. My "littles" aren't so little anymore. My oldest just graduated from high school and my youngest is entering high school, but I still find great treasures in what you two share. Thank you!

- A blogging friend from Utah