Friday, July 30, 2010

Michigan vacation

Whew--I finally had a chance to sort through all the photos from our trip. In an effort to simplify, I decided to just do one post from our time in Michigan, so here are some of the best ones featuring the kids:

Courtesy of Aunt Kendra, all the girls (Brianna, Addison, Natalie and Bethany) received pink shirts with matching homemade hair bows. So cute!
Not to be left out from all the matching, here are Zachary and Nathan sitting on top of a neighbor's tractor. Thanks again for the shirts, Aunt Kendra. That was so thoughtful of you!
The three oldest cousins posing with Grandpa. He just retired after 40 years as a physical education teacher, so he put together a fun morning of track and field events, where the kids competed against the adults.
We didn't get any big family photos like we did last year, but here is our best attempt at photo of the four of us. I was so hopeful for a winner (aka everyone smiling nicely at the same time)! Oh, well. This one's not too bad.

We had a wonderful time visiting family. It was so good to be together, and we are grateful for the ways everyone pitched in to help around the cottage. It's no small task preparing meals for 15 people! I'm also very appreciative of all Eric's mom did to help me, especially when Nathan got sick for a week (with his first bout of both strep and pinkeye--simultaneously, yikes!)


Mom said...

Great photos of your fun family gathering in Michigan. :) Cute matching shirts for the kiddos. Hope Nathan has fully recovered from strep/pinkeye! Love you, Mom

thehomespunheart said...

So glad you had a fun time! Cute pix!

Mary Ann said...

So cute! There's a lot of family resemblance among the cousins, especially the little girlies.

Nathan and Natalie are adorable, Carrie.

Kara K said...

Nathan has become such a handsome little guy and Natalie has gotten so big! Thanks for sharing,

Kara K

Katie said...

Fun pictures Carrie! That Nathan sure is a charmer ~ there's just a twinkle in his eye! Natalie is adorable and she's getting to be such a big girl! They grow so quick, don't they? Sorry to hear about Nathan's double whammy infection (B had that same thing about that age...).

Blessings to your sweet family,

Jamie said...

Cute pictures!! Natalie has changed so much!