Friday, August 13, 2010


I've found some really fun bargains lately that I just have to share:

Remember that massive bag of bakery goodies I purchased for $1.75? Well, I was in that town again a couple weeks ago, and couldn't resist checking to see if I could score again. I confess I was giddy with excitement when I saw the bottom shelf bulging with two huge sacks, each at the same amazing price. I considered purchasing both, but decided to let someone else take advantage of such a great deal!

On that same trip of errands, I decided to stop in a thrift store. Unbeknownst to me, the store was about to re-locate, so everything was marked half-off. I couldn't resist these cute shoes for 75 cents! I'm totally not a shoe person, but since I love polka dots, these caught my eye. They're not practical (They have zero traction!) but they sure are fun. Plus, look how well they coordinate with our dog!I also browsed the book section in the thrift store, and was excited to see an unfamiliar book by one of my favorite authors, Henri Nouwen. This little book is a new treasure, and the timing of its wisdom was impeccable.

Finally, last weekend, I headed (by myself--yay!) to the city to run some errands. I'd noticed Hy-vee had the kind of detergent I like on sale 3/$8, so I stopped to pick some up. I only purchase the fragrance free variety, and for some reason the price tag by the white bottles said $1.88. I briefly thought about shoving all 20 bottles in my cart, but again showed restraint and chose 4. Well, when I got to the register, the detergent rang up at $2.99. I immediately commented on it, and someone ran to do a price check. When the price was confirmed in my favor, the clerk informed me that I would receive all 4 bottles for FREE! I was so pumped. (Totally thought of you, Kara!) Then I really wished I'd grabbed all 20 bottles. =) To top it all off, my detergent "purchase" qualified me for a catalina coupon that gives me $2 towards my next Hy-vee transaction. Woo-hoo! I couldn't resist taking a pic of all the freebies I scored via coupons and rebates on this shopping trip. I felt so MSM. =)

Thanks for indulging my stories. Do you have a fun recent bargain to share?

*I'd love to help you get a bargain if you or someone in your family is in the market for new shoes. I have a 20% off coupon to Payless that's good until 8/28, and I will happily send it to the first person who emails me with their name and mailing address.


Wendi said...

Great bargains! I loved it when you said you felt so MSM. lol You can't beat free detergent and the shoes are super cute!!

Mom said...

Wow! Great deals and cute shoes! :) I haven't been shopping much lately, but I did run in Safeway this week for bread and milk. The kind of bread we like was on sale for $1.25, but they had the mark-down rack out that day with a loaf of that exact same bread marked $1.00 off -- so I got it for 25 cents. :) Part of the fun of getting good bargains is telling about it -- thanks for sharing! Love you, Mom

Mary Ann said...

I got some of that same Crystal Light free this week! Not something I would normally purchase but for free, I couldn't turn it down. Plus I got overage from using the coupons for that which helped bring my boring purchase of cheese and eggs down. Yeah! I also got a free dozen of eggs when buying 2 blocks of cheese.

Kara K said...

Carrie! I'm so proud of you and your bargains. Good job! I asked a manager at Hy-Vee a month ago about their policy if an item rings up incorrectly and I am right, you are supposed to get the item for free. Yay for a watchful eye!

angie said...

Yesterday we went "shopping" for all of the freebies we had accumulated:
free spicy chicken sandwich at Chik-fil-a
free pretzel at Auntie Ann's
free books at Barnes & Noble for summer reading program
free dress for my daughter with $10 coupon from Kohl's
free polo for my husband with $10 coupon from JCPenney

It was a fun day!

kelseylynae said...

Well, I am finding bargains here just by knowing people which has proved quite wonderful.

My most recent satisfaction: B and I were buying new cell phones and I struck up a conversation with the guy. I found out his sister played softball with a really close family friend. He ended up talking to his manager who okayed him to give us a $30 car charger for free! Woo hoo! :)

Katie said...

Great bargains, indeed! Love the shoes ~ adorable! I'm in the market for some bargains but haven't found many lately...having fun looking though! :-)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Those are AMAZING bargains, Carrie. Woohoo! Love the shoes. I'm a practical girl, but for .75 I think I could enjoy a fun pair.

Love that you got that detergent free! I was making my own for awhile but I think it leaves our clothes dingy. John runs all the time too and it wasn't getting the "smell" out of his sweaty gear either. So I'm back to buying detergent but I haven't found a good deal in long time. Congrats!

Carrie said...

The shoes are ADORABLE! I'm not a shoe person either but, like you, sometimes you come across a certain pair and you just think to yourself, "Now those look like fun!" And you can't beat $0.75!

Congrats on all of your bargains!