Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Loose change

I've been meaning to write this update post for awhile, and am finally getting around to it. (And thanks, while I'm thinking of it, to all who commented on my recent post about feeling parched. I appreciate your encouragement!)

I wanted to share some significant changes in the life of my family:

1. Eric is in his fourth week at a new job. He is back at the local college where he previously worked for 12 years, but in a new and challenging role. He's really enjoying it so far, and we are thrilled to be back at a place we know and love.

2. Nathan is starting preschool in a few weeks! We debated for awhile about sending him now or waiting another year, and have felt affirmed in our decision to proceed with the coming year. He and I attended an open house at the school last night, and we are excited about this development!

3. For the past few years, I've been part of 3 different small groups, all of which are seeing changes this fall:

*Though the group of lovely middle/high school girls I've met with for 3 years has decided to continue meeting, I felt like it was time for me to step away. I will miss them, but hope to have them over once or twice this year to touch base.

*A weekly Bible study I've been part of with a group of wonderful ladies is disbanding due to relocation and family commitments. I'm disappointed, but hope to keep in touch with everyone, as well as maybe get involved in another study.

*I've decided to take on a leadership role in our local MOPS group. I was a small group discussion leader a couple of years ago, and had been thinking I would do that again next year. However, as the summer wore on, I realized I did not feel excited about that particular position. With the help of quiet reflection, Mer's comprehensive questions, and insight from Eric and the MOPS coordinator, I will be stepping into a role I'm really passionate about. I will be organizing service opportunities for moms in our group, as well as coordinating events that will reach moms beyond our Tuesday morning meetings.

4. In an extended family update, my dad has several appointments next week. I will keep you posted as we are able, but we'd appreciate your prayers during this time of uncertainty!


Wendi said...

I will be praying for your dad. Change is always hard for me. I do find that as hard as it is sometimes it is the best thing that can happen. Paring down outside activities is something I have been trying to do. I know that N will have a great time at preschool. Megan starts her pre k-4 program on Monday and I have gotten super excited! Can't wait to hear how much N learns.

Carrie said...

Sounds like you all have been going through a lot of life changes - and have more coming with a new school year, etc.

I always like change and am simultaneously nervous about it at the same time. There is just something....exciting about it all. You know God's on the move. You just aren't sure what he's going to do.

Glad to hear the excitement and will pray about your dad!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Sounds like good stuff is happening! I will say a prayer for your dad, Carrie. I know how that can weigh on a daughter who lives far from home.

thehomespunheart said...

Change is hard for me too - want to read Mer's post more thoroughly - looks great. Also, so glad about the MOPS position! :) I am proud of you!

Mom said...

Thanks for these updates -- and thanks to your readers for their prayers for our family. Love, Mom

Katie said...

Dear Carrie,

How neat that you will be the MOPS coordinator ~ your gifts & talents will definitely bless many moms! Continuing to pray for your dear dad...please keep us posted. Nathan is growing up!!! Preschool wow! I'm envisioning a cute blog post ahead... :-) Glad Eric is enjoying the new job. Thanks for all the updates!