Monday, August 2, 2010

The other side

This is my final vacation recap, but I had to post once more since we saw some members of my side of the family at the end of our vacation.

After leaving Michigan, we stopped and saw 3 different sets of close friends on the way to our final destination of Kansas City. It was a lot of driving, but a neat chance to see some special people, even if our visits were brief.

My aunt and grandma live in Kansas City, so we got to see them, but we also were able to spend time with my dad and Monica's crew, as they were there en route from Colorado back to South Carolina. We only had two days together, and unfortunately taking pictures was not at the forefront of our minds. Here are a couple, though:

My grandma loves tea parties, and she wanted to host one for all the great-grandkids. Natalie ended up needing a nap, but here are the other 4 enjoying all the goodies. The kids loved it, especially because Nana colored the milk pink!
We girls went shopping one afternoon, and then it was the guys' turn for an outing. Here are Eric and my dad at a Royals game.
Thanks for hosting us, Grandma and Aunt Joanie. We love you!


Katie said...

What an adorable tea party ~ colored cute! Grandmas make everything extra special! :-) I bet you can color in quite a few states on your family travels!

Have a great week Carrie!

angie said...

Now I know that the hospitality trait you and your sister possess goes back at least 2 more generations.
Pink milk is truly the cat's meow!

Mom said...

Glad to see these photos! Even though your visit together in KC was brief, I know it was special. :) Love you, Mom