Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not the plan

My post title is one of Nathan's phrases, as in, "That's not the plan, Mom!" when he doesn't want to do something. Today, I'm using the sentiment in reference to what I've been saying and thinking lately.

*A few weeks ago, I was backing out of the garage to pick up some (FREE!) containers for storing my homemade applesauce. There was a big crunch sound because I, um, "grazed" the side of the garage, completely breaking the driver's side mirror which lay shattered in pieces on the driveway. Ugh! I quickly called Eric, who was very gracious, but I was very upset with myself. Nathan was quite worked up over the whole ordeal, even though no one was hurt and the car was of course still driveable. It was not the plan I had in mind that day, for sure. I have a hard time letting go of stuff like this, even though it's clearly not a big deal. I just keep thinking about how much my "free" applesauce costs now! But thankfully, it was just a mirror, and we were able to purchase a used one fairly painlessly. (I called auto parts stores all over the country using this site) and ended up saving over $100 from our initial quote!)

*Last week, when I opened the freezer, I was greeted by a puddle. Not a good sign for a freezer! It turns out that our whole unit was shot, and actually blowing warm air. Once again, my plans for the day changed quickly. Instead of running to get more groceries, as I'd intended, I instead scurried to find cold homes for the ones we already had! Eric left work for a bit so we could run downtown and (for the first time) pick out a new (used) appliance. Miraculously, the new fridge/freezer was installed that same day, so even though it was not the plan, it was easier to deal with!

*On a different note, I'm sure most of you have read that my dad is unable to run for a couple of months due to the healing needed after his radiation treatment. He had been planning to run a marathon in Arizona this fall, but shortly after learning he couldn't run, he called and said that instead of seeing the Grand Canyon, he wanted to see some grand kids. Hooray! My parents are scheduled to arrive here later today, and I'm thrilled. I'll be back next week with pictures from our time together!

Until then, I leave you with this comforting verse to keep in mind when you're going through a situation that wasn't what you had in mind:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." --Jeremiah 29:11


Jan said...

Hi Carrie. I had my own reasons for wanting to run a marathon but your dad was quite an inspiration too. He was on my mind often during training. Would you please tell him that and show him this photo? I started running in January 2009 and this was taken in May 2010. I have done many smaller races since and am doing a 50K this winter.

Hayley said...

I love you, dear friend! The car mirror made me chuckle, because I can totally see how that little thing would lay heavy on your mind. You are just that type of caring, lovable, don't-want-to-inconvenience anyone type of person. That's why we all love you so! I have been praying often for your dad, and am so excited for you that he will be coming to visit you today! What fun! Tell your folks I said hello. Miss you!

Carrie said...

Amen to that!

And have a GREAT time with your parents! (I'm certain you will.) =)

Sheila said...

I'm 43 now, and I have seen and read example after example of the plans God had for a person that were impossible for them to see until they could look back. I know that in my head, I even think I have it in my heart, and yet I continue to struggle to trust in God for what He has planned for me. Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!

Enjoy your time with your parents!

Travis said...


Molly said...

Ugh, those little growing opportunities are painful sometimes, aren't they?! His plan is always better than our plan, even when we don't understand it. Enjoy your parents' visit...what a great change of your "plans"!! :)

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

I've been very well acquainted this year with not the plan. Unfortunately. But it is all a growing experience, much as I hate to admit it.

While I'm sorry that your dad is unable to do his marathon, it sounds to me like he's got an even better plan now of visiting his grandbabies! Have a wonderful visit with your family.

Katie said...

Oh Carrie, I did the very same thing a few years ago! I backed out of our garage and completely took off the passenger side mirror!! My husband ordered the part cheap and installed it himself. I, too, had a hard time shaking this off!! I hope you don't feel so bad now ~ you're not alone! :-)

I can also relate to your second item! This past summer our fridge kept going out (it also runs via a fan). Well, after the first unsuccessful attempt to fix what we thought was wrong, my hubby finally replaced what was wrong (a corroded temperature gauge) with a part we ordered online that was very cheap. Yay!

I hope your folks had easy travels to your home and that you are having a lovely time! Tell your dad, even though he had to sit this one out, he is a champion in my book as he has inspired us all with his winning attitude! I'm continuing to pray for his healing and hope he can be running more races in the near future. We are cheering him on as he keeps the faith! :-) *2 Timothy 4:7-8* Say hello to your lovely mom too!

Blessings friend,

Anonymous said...

Well said, my dear! Have SO much fun with them!

Love you,

Carrie said...

BTW - off topic but I THINK I keep forgetting to tell you -

The cranberry chicken recipe that you posted awhile back?

We LOVE it and it became one of our favorites last year! I was flipping through some fall recipes and stumbled across this one again. I eagerly await it!