Friday, October 8, 2010

Good reads

*The winner of the planner is Michelle--thanks to all who entered!*

Inspired by this post, I went to the library and checked out a couple of books about books, including this one and this one. =) I'm always looking for book recommendations for my kiddos, so these were definitely a helpful resource.

We're still working through the list I made, but here are some of the latest winning reads in our house:

Olivia by Ian Falconer (We've only had this book for two weeks and Nathan's already memorized it and loves "reading" it to anyone who will listen.)

The Giant Jam Sandwich by John V. Lord (A childhood favorite that I still love to read!)

All in a Day by Cynthia Rylant

Fun Dog, Sun Dog by Deborah Heiligman

The Little School Bus by Carol Roth (Very cute, and fun rhymes.)

Hilda Must Be Dancing by Karma Wilson (We love everything by this author!)

The Sandwich Swap by Jordan's Queen Rania Al Abdullah (Wonderful lesson about cultural differences--as well as similarities!)

The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman (Have picky kids? This will give them some food for thought!)

Mrs. Wishy-Washy books by Joy Cowley (These books crack Nathan up!)

There you go--9 new book suggestions for preschoolers. Happy reading!

Note: If you plan to purchase these books (or anything else) on-line via Amazon, would you consider clicking through the links on my site? I earn a small percentage each time a purchase is made via my blog. I'm committed to not posting ads here, but since I recommend a lot of books, this program seemed like a good fit for me. Also, you should be aware that Amazon has a fabulous new incentive for parents and other caregivers--if you sign up here, you'll receive free 2-day shipping on all your purchases for 3 months!


Hayley said...

Great book reccomendations, Car! No big deal, but I put you on a list of nominations for a blog award on my blog. Pick it up anytime!

Abbey said...

I love your suggestions and 'The Sandwich Swap' is a favorite of mine. My daughter loves 'Olivia'. Did you know it's a whole book series, as well as a TV show? We have all the books, an Olivia doll, and multiple articles of clothes with Olivia on them. I think she loves Olivia so much because she identifies with her! :-)

Kelly said...

Yeah! Great timing. Finding a booklist for Joanna was on my to do list for the weekend. This is SUPER helpful. We have an Olivia book at home right now and Silly Sally by Hoberman. I've been trying to get my hands on a Karma Wilson book for quite some time but I think we started at 10 on the waiting list. And thanks for the books about books. I'll have to see if our library has those.

Wendi said...

Olivia is a favorite here. Megan doesn't watch much TV and saves her TV time to watch a recorded Olivia before bed. There are also Olivia first reader books available.

Mom said...

I'm so glad Nathan is enjoying the Olivia book! :) Love, Mom