Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toasty: part 1

Last winter, my friend Mer and her husband, John, wrote a series of posts about marriage, and one of them really stood out to me. They talked about times in marriage when we feel like pieces of dry toast--stale and blah.

I e-mailed Mer later that day about the subject, and she responded by saying "You know, Carrie, I deleted an entire paragraph in my post about feeling like dry toast during the years we parented babies/toddlers. Sadly, it's just the reality. And you're in THE most exhausting stage of parenting right now. I promise you won't always feel so tired and like you have nothing to give. But for now, that may just be the case. And it's okay. I think the problem is when you're both in a place that you don't care to add any jam."

I appreciated her response (which she gave me permission to share here) and fired back the following (long) reply: "Thank you, Mer, for your response and for mentioning that about the toddler stage--I needed to hear that assurance! I also appreciate your prayers and want to share this with you:

The "toast" subject was at the forefront of my mind last night, and I was debating whether or not to bring it up after the kids were in bed. We were sitting in the same room reading and half-watching Olympics, and I kept thinking about what to say. I prayed God would help me through it whether it was formulated or not. And . . . our conversation was wonderful, refreshing and connecting!

Eric had a suggestion that every couple of weeks or so, we each come up with a challenge for the other--physical, social, spiritual, whatever. Not something really involved, but just to keep growing and make things a little more interesting."

I first wanted to share the background information behind the challenges since I've mentioned them before; I'll write about the specifics of the challenges in part 2.


Katie said...

I was always inspired by your challenges with Eric and was curious to how they began. Will look forward to hearing the rest of the story! So neat that the Lord can use others in different seasons of life to encourage His children!

Vanessa said...

Carrie -- THANK YOU for sharing. Cory and I have really been struggeling with this EXACT idea. We're just 'toast'

I look forward to Part 2!


Frances said...

This is very interesting. I look forward to the continuation of the story. :)

LynnMarie said...

This too shall pass, just hang in there. It all gets better in time. I enjoy your blog very much and I have an award for you on my blog. Please stop by to collect it.