Friday, November 19, 2010

Toasty: part 2

Note: If you missed part 1, please read that first.

The challenges Eric and I have come up with are quite varied, which has kept things interesting!

Here are some of the challenges Eric has given me:
*Mowing the lawn for the first time (Remember?!)
*Giving me a list of 10 new activities to do with the kids at a time when my inspiration was lacking. Examples included going to a new park and playing in the snow with the kids. (I don't like being cold, so playing in the snow is not at the top of my list!)
*Reading an autobiography. Eric's goal was that I immerse myself in learning about someone else's life. I perused the entire selection at our small town library, and ended up choosing this, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
*Purchasing 5 new products at the grocery store. Because I tend to be thrifty and practical, Eric wanted me to have a little fun choosing some new foods to try. I can't recall all 5, but I do remember purchasing these (spicy!), this (delicious!), and this decadent brownie. Perhaps he should have suggested I buy 5 new fruits or veggies! =)

Here are some of the challenges I've given Eric:
*Inviting a friend to go out for lunch. Like many guys, Eric doesn't often pick up the phone to chat or to schedule time to hang out, so I wanted to encourage him to be intentional in this area.
*Keeping the bedroom floor clear for a week. This was a little tricky, because we said that the challenges could not be "nagging" in nature, so I guess I kind of crossed the line on this one. Eric is not a slob by any means, but he tolerates piles of clothes, etc., much better than I do! He passed this challenge with flying colors--for the week, that is. Ha! =)
*Exercising 5 days in a row. I suggested this because Eric, who is usually very physically fit and active, had mentioned earlier this fall that he felt as out of shape as he ever had. He filled his quota with biking, basketball, and racquetball.
*Being done on the computer by 9:00 for two nights in a week. Eric belongs to a couple fantasy sports leagues, and checking stats often keeps him up late, so I hoped he might read a book during this time or even go to bed early.

Interestingly, one of the weeks we both came up with the same idea: memorizing a passage of Scripture! Eric memorized 2 Corinthians 9:6-15, and I memorized 2 Peter 1: 3-9.

When we started, we were completing these and swapping new ones within a week or two. We're still doing the challenges, but have relaxed the timeline for them. I think they've been a fun addition to our relationship. I'm glad Eric had the idea, and that we've continued to follow through with it.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on these challenges. Have you or would you do something similar with your spouse or a friend?


Mom said...

Dear Carrie, how wise of Eric to suggest these challenges when you were both feeling a little toasty! And what creative challenges you both came up with. :) I especially love the one about buying five new things at the grocery store! I recently read the Duggars' book, too -- so I'm glad to know you enjoyed it. And I was interested to read what you said about playing in the snow with your children -- I used to feel guilty about not playing in the snow with you and Monica very often -- but it was because I didn't like being cold either!! Great posts -- thanks for sharing. Love you, Mom

Carrie said...

I think that's a really fun and great idea!

I've been wanting to read The Duggar's book. Everyone says such positive things about it. It's on my list!

Katie said...


I just have to say this is such a blessing to read ~ what a wonderful way to keep things fun and fresh in your marriage! Who doesn't love a challenge...especially with a spouse?? (You guys also like Scrabble tournaments right??) Well, I hope you don't mind if I share this idea with D! I think something like this might be just what the doctor ordered. :-)

I love how you and Eric both came up with memorizing Scripture the same week! All of your challenges sound so fun...and as time goes on, I can only imagine that you both will enjoy the many benefits of trying to find new things to try!

I do have a question though...what if you didn't meet a challenge? Or did that never happen? :-) I just think this all sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!!

Blessings on your weekend,

Kara K said...

Carrie -

This has been really interesting and I think something that Lance and I are going to try!

Kara K

*carrie* said...


We've completed every challenge. I guess that's part of why we've relaxed the timeline. It's less a race/deadline and more about completing the task at hand!

Kendra said...

I love this idea! And, I love the creativity behind the challenges. It's something I think Marc and I would really enjoy!

Tim and Emily said...

I love this! You guys are aggressive! We only do one challenge a month. But that makes it interesting because we usually do one that has to be completed for the entire month making the bed every day for 30 days (yuck!) I really loved the creativity of the grocery store challenge, because I rarely pick up anything unfamiliar either! My challenge this month is to write my grandpa every week. I love that one, but I have slipped on it. :(

Ann said...

Such a nice blog, I found it while looking for homemade cake mixes. I love the title--very poignant.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I LOVE this idea! And I"ll confess - I haven't mowed the lawn in years! Yikes is right!!