Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Until yesterday, we'd never really done anything as a family to celebrate Valentine's Day. I wanted that to be different this year, so I planned a few special treats throughout the day.

In the morning, I served heart-shaped muffins with pink milk (which, unfortunately, the kids did not like!) I bought two little mailboxes for a dollar each and filled them with valentines (including some mailed by other family members) and a few goodies. One thing I gave them was swirly crayons I'd made from the many broken bits we'd accumulated. I tried making them heart-shaped, but they didn't really turn out that way! At Eric's place, I set a couple valentines (one made by me, and one made by the kids) and a rare treat: a package of Twizzlers.
For lunch, I made heart-shaped quesadillas, apple slices, heart-shaped finger Jell-o, and these (Thanks, Mom!) for dessert.

I wanted our evening meal to be a little fancy, so I lit candles and set out beautiful red heart placemats my grandma made. We had baked ravioli, green beans, and heart-shaped garlic bread for supper.
It was a fun day, and I'd like to make the morning mailboxes and the "fancy" evening meal an annual tradition.

Nathan also brought home plenty of goodies from his preschool party. Look at this cute alligator valentine box he made!
Lastly, Eric and I had a fun date over the weekend. Our annual Christmas date had been canceled in December due to a blizzard, and then my birthday plans were altered due to the funeral in Michigan, so this was a Christmas/birthday/Valentine's date. =) After a delicious supper here, we headed to one of our favorite places to browse.
I suggested we each pick out a few things for the other person to read, and I don't know if it was more fun to select items for Eric, or to see what he chose for me. In case you're curious, I selected a fantasy baseball magazine, a hunting and fishing magazine, a book on how-to-do just about anything yourself, and a dog training manual (I actually meant it as a joke, but Eric did check it out!) What he picked out for me to look at: an Indian cookbook, Time magazine, a book about crafty people who blog (totally made me think of Monica!), and a book of 365 ideas for creative projects. This was really fun, and the only bummer was that the bookstore closed at 9 and we ran out of time. I'd love to do it again sometime.
Hope you all had a special Valentine's Day!


thehomespunheart said...

All cute, Carrie! Oh, pink milk is a hit here - so sorry they did not like it!

I love the alligator mail box and your mail box idea was super cute too!

Ok, my favorite idea though is that you and Eric picked out things for the other to look at - I would've been so super curious to see what David would select for me! And, the crafty/bloggy book piques my interest!

Love you,

Katie said...

What a fun day you created for your family!! I found those same mailboxes (white ones) for a buck a few years ago too! Love 'em!

I'm always so inspired by your creative dates and challenges that you and Eric come up with ~ what a fun couple!! I'm thinking if we could ever have a double date with you two, we'd start out with a Scrabble game and then let you two plan the rest of the evening! :-) Maybe someday?

Thanks for sharing your fun day!

Carrie said...


You did an awesome job with your kids. (I was thinking I should pick up some strawberry flavored milk but didn't get around to it.)

We were so low key on V-Day around here that it was mildly pathetic. We gave the kids each some new books and some heart candies in the morning that I read with them. That was a hit. But I didn't even bother pulling out our usual V-Day reading ware. Pregnancy is taking over our lives at the moment. =) I figured next year we'll be able to pull something more interesting off. I'm just trying to focus on making sure I have plans in place for Easter before the baby is born!

Your date night sounds awfully fun! What a great idea for the bookstore. Glad you enjoyed it.

Happy Everything! =)

Wendi said...

Your date night sounds like fun! The mailbox are cute. Megan is always wanted to mail something so I will have to look for one.

Mom said...

What a special Valentine's Day at your house! :) I'm glad to read about it and see photos -- thanks for sharing! Love you, Mom

Pamela said...

Your date took you to one of my husband and my favorite places. We've spent a lot of time there. I hate it when we get to the ones that close at 9:00.

You are such a sweet mama--when I come to read your blog I pray God will continue to bless your lives.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie;

It sounds like you had a really fun Valentine's Day celebration.
I love the little mailboxes and I'm glad you could use the placemats.

Nathan did a really great job making his alligator Valentine's box!

I'm glad you & Eric finally got to have a date night. Sounds like fun.

Love you, Grandma

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

That alligator box is too cute!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

The mini mailboxes is a great idea!! We also tried pink milk but my kids have decided they don't really like the strawberry flavor, which means I'm stuck drinking finishing the bottle by myself. That alligator box is adorable!!

Off topic - I notice that both your children are sitting in booster seats for dinner with you. I APPLAUD this!! We have done the same thing with all 4 of our kids and I really think that's why we can take them to any restaurant and enjoy a nice meal. We always get compliments on their behavior and I think it's because they "practice" at home every night. :)