Friday, February 18, 2011

What's your design style?

In the past year, I read a fun article in Real Simple magazine that talked about individual design styles, and a design expert suggested doing the following things to determine your unique style:

1. Look at your furniture, noting which pieces are favorites, and which are not.
2. Gather items that are special and beautiful to you.
3. Think about places you love and why you love them.
4. Look for common threads of design, colors, shapes, materials among the things you treasure.

After thinking about the above questions, check out the examples below, and see which one suits you most.

Modern Graphic (edgy, contemporary, abstract): pieces like the Eames lounge chair, this funky coffee table, or this silver furniture set.
Sophisticated Classic (elegant, feminine, traditional): pieces like this bronze wall mirror, this pedestal table, and this fancy chandelier.
Cozy Casual (warm, natural, weathered): pieces like this comfy sofa, this rustic coffee table set, and this pretty table lamp.
Vintage Eclectic (variety, layers, lots of details): Think Persian rug mixed with a brown velvet settee and this painting.
Which of these descriptions most aligns with your tastes and preferences? If none of these fit, how would you describe your style?

Note: You can also take a quick decorating style quiz on the Real Simple site by clicking here.


Mom said...

Cozy Casual -- that's me!! :) I remember this quiz -- fun to be reminded. Love you, Mom

Katie said...

Very fun, Carrie! I'm definitely in the Cozy Casual category! Other adjectives that describe my style preference would be: traditional, country, cottage, rustic/woodsy, some primitive... I'm drawn to gingham and plaid, yet love cozy quilts with bedside flowers, and most rooms must have a dim lamp...just for the cozy factor! :-) Can't wait to hear your style preferences.

thehomespunheart said...

I would've chosen myself as a Cozy Casual thought I didn't like any of the items linked in that section :)

But, when I took the quiz - it did confirm I am a Cozy Casual!

Which one are you?

kelseylynae said...

I'm definitely a mix between sophisticated classic and modern. However, I feel like those styles take a lot of money to create since most of the accessories are NEW and expensive. So even though this would be my ideal style, my home is decorated in more vintage/cozy casual. Interesting.

angie said...

I'm with most of the other commentors: Cozy casual. Add in some antiques, functional pieces, and some repurposed finds!

Carrie said...

That is fun.

I'd say my style is a mix of Cozy Casual and Rustic. Being that we're in a log home right outside of town, I feel most relaxed with stuff that has a rustic feel to it. Makes you feel even more secluded and keeps the pace of life a little slower.

Hayley said...

I'm not sure I fit in any of these categories.....I've made the transition from country cottage to a more contemporary modern look in the past few years. I love the straight lines, clean edges, and modern look of things.

We have some homeschool friends who live half of the year in Iowa, and the other half of the year in Michigan....Rockford area. So pretty, and we had so much fun!

Kara K said...

Carrie - are you going to post what your design style is?

My design style is "design reclaimed from things my family members didn't want and I ended up with"

Jeremy and Christa Nichols said...

Cozy Casual all the way. Anything natural, warm, comfortable, natural. Did I say natural? I take a lot of my cues from nature when I decorate because I love the things God creates so much.