Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Checking in

Thanks so much for all of your birthday wishes for Natalie. I plan to have a birthday post up Friday or Monday, but wanted to share a few updates before then.

We had a good time in Kansas City, despite the fact that Natalie, Nathan and I have all had various ailments. Hopefully, we're on the mend now! Here's the birthday girl with Daddy, Grammie, and Pepaw (who continues to amaze us with how well he's doing. Praise the Lord!)

The biggest news from our week is that we found out Nathan needs glasses! He had a routine vision screening at preschool that indicated the need for a more professional exam. I promptly made an appointment, but I admit I thought it was kind of a fluke because I've never observed any concern regarding Nathan's eyesight. However, like father, like son: Nathan has a lazy left eye, and will probably need glasses for the rest of his life. We are grateful this was caught early, and I think Nathan's done really well adjusting to wearing them. We let him pick out these blue frames. Of course he has to goof off anytime the camera is nearby these days. What a cutie!
Natalie received many fun birthday gifts, but she and Nathan have sure had fun with this kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa.That's some news from around here. Back soon with birthday pix!


Katie said...

I love how you are in the very top picture too ~ neat reflection! I hope you all are feeling better. You have two beautiful children, Carrie ~ and are they hams or what?! Looks like a fun time with family. Nathan is stylin' with those new specs! Praying for your dad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing pictures Carrie.
Glad the kids are enjoying their kitchen...Also that Nathan is adjusting to wearing those cute glasses.

I hope you are feeling better. I have lost my voice too, but I don't feel bad.

Love & blessings, Grandma

kelseylynae said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I hope you waved Eastward as you drove through St. Joe :)

And Mr. Nathan! I LOVE the new look. Too cute. It makes his gorgeous blue eyes even more prominent :)

[And in response to your last comment: Now that you mentioned it I DO remember your purple Dyson! They truly are the best! :)]

Mom said...

Glad to see these photos -- thank you so much for sharing Natalie's birthday with us! Lots of love to all, Mom

KellBell said...

Nathan is too cute with his new glasses! Thanks for sharing the pics.

JG and CK said...

Adorable glasses! Way to work it Nathan!

JG and CK said...

Oh, sorry! It's me, Christa. We changed our picture and name on Google because we follow some blogs from some very sensitive parts of the world and need to remain anonymous. But didn't want you wondering what strange weirdo was stalking your blog all of the sudden.

Emily said...

The picture of Nathan in his new glasses totally reminds me of his daddy! :) Katelyn wears glasses now too.

Kara K said...

Nathan is so funny! I love that picture!