Monday, March 7, 2011

Little things

Lots of little things to say . . .

*I recently watched a segment on healthy breakfasts, and learned that old fashioned oats are more nutritious* than the quick cooking variety. I had no idea! We have oatmeal once a week, and I guess I've just assumed that the old fashioned kind would take too long to cook. However, I just checked my carton, and it said it only takes 5 minutes to cook--which is how long I cook the quick kind! (*I want to add, though, that I did a quick on-line search to back this up, and didn't find anything super compelling or decisive on the subject. Anyone want to weigh in?)

*Out of curiosity, I clicked on the "followers" section on my blog dashboard for the first time this past weekend. I browsed each name, and was surprised to be unfamiliar with a third of these blog readers! If you've been lurking for awhile, I'd love to have you leave a comment sometime. The same goes for some people I know in real life who I've discovered read my blog on the sly! =)

*I've had a recipe in my "try" file for quite awhile that I finally got around to making last week--cookies that have crushed potato chips in them. They are delicious! (I left out the pretzels and peanuts because I'm not a fan.)

*I came across this endeavor that starts today, and hope to join in for at least some of it!

More snow around these parts--bummer! I had to laugh when I was at the library this weekend and saw a local license plate declaring "H8 snow!" Back later this week--


Wendi said...

Love the license plate! At the moment I am right there with them.

thehomespunheart said...

Hey Carrie,

No idea whatsoever on the oats except that I can vouch for the fact that they don't take longer to cook really!

I have Tsh's book and will let you borrow it - it is a good read and I'm glad you linked this! Looks like a great project for around here too!

Love you,

Tim and Emily said...

Hey Carrie,
Do you by chance get the HyVee magazine that comes out every couple of months? They did a whole tribute to oatmeal and its different types in their last issue (January). I found a link:

If I remember right, they also agreed that the old fashioned are better for you. Or maybe I am just making that up because most organic food stores only offer the old fashioned kind? Anyway, I officially feel like a nerd sharing this with you, but I, too, love oatmeal! :)

Kara K said...

Carrie - your recipe intrigues me. I'll add it to my list!
PS - I like the idea of project simplfy; however, I'm finding that all projects seem to be slightly overwhelming to me presently. Can I blame it on pregnancy?
PS2 - I really like the texture of steel cut oatmeal. There are "supposed" benefits to this type of oatmeal, but like you found, the veredict is still out.

Katie said...

Are "old-fashioned oats" considered "whole"? My hubby prefers the old-fashioned ones. I'm guessing the nutrition argument stems from the logic behind eating whole grains versus more processed ones...just like with bread and rice. Over the past several years, we've been selecting more whole-grain items in all the carb categories, including oats. Just my guess?

That license plate is funny! Did you ever watch that game show "Bumper Stumpers" back in the day? Funny!

thehomespunheart said...

PS: I did Tsh's challenge today! I took all the clothes out of my closet, tried MOST of them on and got rid of 32 things :) Thanks for sharing the challenge!

Debra said...

I am no nutritionist but I heard the same thing about quick vs. old fashioned. I was also surprised to find that 'quick' wasn't alot quicker... My feelings on the oatmeal thing are that if you are eating it for breakfast with milk and fruit or other healthy sides it probably doesn't matter much in the long run - better than a donut anyday!

Hope spring comes your way soon.

Mom said...

I heard years ago that old-fashioned oats were more nutritious (partly because there is less processing?), so that is all I've ever bought. I think the steel-cut oats are even better, but for the cooking time, old-fashioned oats are for me!

Thanks for the link to Project Simplify. (I'd like to read her book, but our library doesn't carry it.) I've been sort of doing this cleaning out to get ready for taking things to the church exchange this weekend.

Love you! Mom

Jodi said...

In regard to the oats question - I believe that rolled vs quick are the exact same thing, it's just that the quick oats are cut up smaller so it takes less time to cook. If you look at both containers they should say "100% rolled oats". (I remember looking into this a year ago when my Mom was convinced that rolled oats were healthier.) Also, steel cut oats (or sometimes called "Irish or Scottish Style Oats" is when the whole oat kernel is cut up into small pieces. It is still oats, but I believe it takes longer to digest, therefore being thought of as "healthier" since it keeps you feeling fuller, longer.

I am not a nutritionist, but I am a Mommy who has done a bit of research on foods due to my children's allergies. We eat oatmeal with Rice Milk most mornings! :)

Bridget said...

Steel-cut oats can be soaked overnight (1 cup oats in 3 cups water) and then cooked in the same water in 5 minutes. Even more hearty and even less processed.