Friday, April 22, 2011

Hymn sing

Several weeks ago, I saw an ad in the newspaper for an old-fashioned hymn sing at the local Baptist church, and I thought it would be a neat event to attend as a family.

Growing up, my parents were part of a hymn sing group. As I remember it, there were 5 or 6 families involved, and we would rotate houses each month. The host would acquire a stack of hymnals from the church, and of course there were refreshments provided after the singing. We'd fill the room with our voices, calling out numbers for the hymns we wanted to sing. One I most remember singing on these nights is "O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus."

I am grateful to not only have a heritage of faith, but that my parents instilled in my sister and me a love of the old hymns. I love more contemporary praise music, as well, but there is a unique richness and history to the classic songs of the church.

I've always loved "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," so that's one I requested the night of the recent hymn sing. I was also thankful someone shouted out the number for "The Old Rugged Cross." What a meaningful song, especially today. This song is a favorite of my dad, and I always think of him when I hear it.

What are some of your favorite hymns?

*A bonus of attending the hymn sing was the pie social afterward. My goodness, those ladies knew how to make pie! They had such an abundance that we were sent home with an entire plate of peach pie. Delicious!

p.s. Several people asked me for more details about the toy swap I coordinated, but I don't have contact info for everyone, so I plan to post more about this next week.


Katie said...

What a fun event, Carrie! I love old hymns! Some really are hard for me to keep a dry eye during. I remember doing a post a few years ago on my faves, so I'll just copy/paste my list from then. =)

Victory in Jesus
I'll Fly Away
When the Roll is Called up Yonder
Wonderful Words of Life
Just a Closer Walk with Thee
The Old Rugged Cross
I Love to Tell the Story
Rock of Ages
In the Sweet By and By

I also really like "Living for Jesus", "Amazing Grace, and "How Great Thou Art" and would add those to the list too.

Blessings to you and your family this special weekend,

kelseylynae said...

My mom installed a love to hymns in Kali and I, as well. Every Sunday night service we started off with basically a hymn sing. I loved how the older members of the congregation knew the numbers of the hymns by heart when they requested them. Some of my favorites:

It Is Well With My Soul
Victory in Jesus
The Old Rugged Cross
The Wondrous Cross
Come Thou Fount

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

We used to have those growing up on the 5th Sunday months. My favorite that I used to sing with my dad when we milked cows to pass time was "In the Garden". I still love that song.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Oh, how I love hymns, and I hate that they are fading from the memories of our churches. It's part of why I gave CDs of Page CXVI's music to our youth at Christmas. They're whole purpose it to make hymns known and accessible to a new generation. Since December, I've had several of our students come up and thank me, as they've really enjoyed the music. This group somehow manages to update the hymns for a more contemporary audience, yet they never lose the integrity of the original hymn.

(For anyone who is interested, Page CXVI has a Hymns for Youth program where you can buy CDs for only $2 each. If you're in youth ministry, it's a great way to introduce your students to the beautiful hymns we grew up with. And I promise, I am in no way affiliated with this group. I'm just a huge fan.)

My all-time favorite hymn is "Just As I Am." Verse 3 especially speaks to me. Are you familiar with the Celtic Christian group Eden's Bridge? They have a hymns album, and their Celtic version of "Just As I Am" is phenomenal!

Gee, can you tell you've broached a subject I'm passionate about? LOL

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

THEIR whole purpose... *sigh* Baby is eating my brain cells, and my grammar and spelling are shot to pieces lately.

Mom said...

Hymns -- oh, how I love them! I'm glad you have fond memories of our Hymn Sings. :) I, too, associate O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus with those special evenings with friends/fellow believers. I'm glad you and your family had this opportunity to participate in an event devoted to hymns. :) Great post -- thanks for sharing. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie,

Oh, how fun that you could go to an old-fashioned hymn-sing. I love them too. We have them on the 5th Sundays in the Chapel here at John Knox. You had the added bonus of having a pie social. How fun! And you got to bring a whole plate of pie home!
My list of favorites pretty much mimics Katie's, but I love them all.

Thanks for sharing this.


Love, Grandma

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My husband laments the lack of hymn singing in our churches today. I love them too...they're RICH in so many ways. Here's some of my faves:

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
My Jesus, I Love Thee
How Firm A Foundation
Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
Come Thou Fount
It Is Well With My Soul
All Creatures of Our God and King
Be Thou My Vision
This Is My Father's World

And that's just the ones I can think of off the top of my head!!!

Love this, Carrie. I think I'm going to make a hymn playlist for today!

robert said...

Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. I greatly enjoyed reading your comments. That "round robin" hymn sing sounds like a great idea. I've added it to my topical article "Thirty Ideas for Promoting Hymn Singing."

I've also led many inter-church hymn sings over the years, and these have been a great blessing.

As to my favourite hymns, that's a bit difficult! After studying these songs for about 40 years, I have so many. Here are a few:

Jesus Loves Even Me ("I am so glad that our Father in heaven...")
Take the Name of Jesus with You
Be Still, My Soul
It Is Well with My Soul
How Firm a Foundation
And Can It Be?

Well, I could go on a long time! God bless you. Keep singing!

JG and CK said...

Himself, by A.B. Simpson. GREAT SONG! It's not very common, but the message - nothing beats hymns for theology set to music!