Friday, April 15, 2011

Project Simplify

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was hoping to participate in the Project Simplify initiative from Simple Mom. I worked on all 5 assignments, so here are some notes about each:

Clothes--having just done my 32 challenge, I didn't think I'd have any clothes to get rid of. Well, I was wrong! After going through my closet again with a little more scrutiny, I culled a dozen additional pieces. Some are things I've been holding onto for a long time, like a black silk wrap skirt that just doesn't quite wrap around anymore. =(

Paper clutter--Yikes--reading the instructions for this one scared me! Though my piles look reasonably neat, I hang on to way too much paper. I spent a couple of afternoons going through 4 of my most used paper areas. I found some random or humorous items in my stacks, including a tourist penny from San Francisco, nearly 6-year-old wedding gift receipts, and some Rainbow Brite trading cards (?!), which I passed on to Monica's daughters. =) I still have one more paper zone I'd like to attack sometime soon. One of the biggest offenders for me is articles I tear out of magazines. Any advice on how to store them in a way that they're neat but easily accessible?

Kids' clothes and toys--With garage sale season upon us, I've been wanting to sort through the kids' clothes anyway, so this gave me a push to do it earlier. As for toys, I'm a big fan of rotating, which is a system that's worked well for us. The toy sorting assignment was well-timed, too, because I coordinated a toy swap for my MOPS group that week. (The swap went really well, and I was thrilled with what I received in exchange for toys my kids were ready to pass on. I'd be happy to pass on details if anyone is interested in hosting something similar.)

Fridge and pantry--I check my pantry on a pretty regular basis when I do my meal planning, but my fridge was overdue for a good cleaning, so that's what I did for that week. I did finally part with some spices I'd purchased in metal tins that clumped together in last summer's humidity.

Choose your own disaster =)--I was interested to see computer files on Tsh's list of suggested areas to work on, as I'd actually written that on my April to-do list. It felt great to get this done. It only took me a half-hour to comb through all the documents on our computer and delete or re-file them. Isn't that often the case with tasks we put off?! Because that job went so quickly, I also re-organized our card catalog (below), which holds an interesting assortment of craft supplies, hardware, etc.I had a lot of fun participating in the challenges, and getting some areas of my home in order. Thanks, Simple Mom, for the inspiration! Did anyone else participate in any or all of these challenges?


Mom said...

Great update on your simplying tasks! I know just which black skirt you mean and hope someone else will enjoy it as much as you did. :) Reading about the Rainbow Brite cards made me smile. :)

You must have gotten your tendency to save magazine pages from me! I three-hole punch mine and save them in binder/notebooks by subject. So far, I have two big binders, but will need to add a third soon if I keep doing this. I enjoy going back through them when I need ideas.

Great job! Love you, Mom

Wendi said...

Like your mom I use the binder method. It keeps everything in one place and keeps it off the kitchen counter! :)

Carrie said...

I LOVE your card catalog! That is such an AWESOME piece of furniture!! Oh, I love it!

Abbey said...

I use a large accordian file for my magazine tear outs, because I had one on hand that I wasn't using. The binder is a great idea, so I may go to that when my collection gets too big for the file. :-)

Katie said...

That card catalog is a such a neat piece!!! Love how you are re-purposing it in your unique and classic!

I'd love to hear more about hosting a toy-swap sometime. Fun! Great job on all the organization!

phoebejmthomas said...

Hi there! I enjoy reading yours & your sisters' blogs. You guys inspire me to be a better person.

I am wondering about the toy swap you coordinated for your MOPS group. Could you give some details on how you set that up? It sounds like an idea I'd like to talk to our group about. Thanks.

thehomespunheart said...

Hey Carrie, I did the challenges until the very last one! Great job!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Years ago I tore out magazine articles to save. They piled up, and eventually I did get around to putting them in plastic sleeves that go inside binders. But here's the reality: I don't go back and reread any of it. Ever. What seems novel and interesting and informative enough to tear out and save really isn't, at least from my experience.

Now I just toss all magazines except for my Martha Stewart mags (I do actually go back through those) and craft mags. Oh, and Christmas magazines. But all is neatly stored and organized.

erin said...

That pile of magazine articles is just screaming for your organizational skills! I was just at a friend's house last night and she showed me the binder that she is putting together with all of her Real Simple articles - she has organized it with tabs like recipes, cleaning, organization, fitness, Christmas, etc. I should probably start one too as I tend to hang onto my Real Simple mags for a long time! P.S. Totally coveting your card catalog! Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello~I enjoy reading your blog and your sisters. I don't usually comment but when you mentioned magazine articles-I so related. :) Anyway, I have become a binder queen-I have binders for each of the areas that I usually tear articles out-recipes, decorating, Christmas Ideas, etc. And I do go back through them, but when I go back through them if something doesn't stick out to me anymore, I throw it away.