Monday, April 11, 2011

Special gifts

I wanted to share with you about a couple of special gifts I've received recently:

1. For my birthday, a family member gave me a check, indicating that the money was to be spent in mission. Two of my friends went on mission trips overseas last month, so I divided the sum between them, sending half to eastern Europe, and the other portion to Haiti. Both of my friends reported that they were able to bless someone special with the money they'd brought over. What a neat gift that kept getting passed on!

2. A few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find a big, colorfully decorated box on my front porch. The sender was a dear blog friend of mine, who asked to remain anonymous. Though we've never met, she was ready to pass on some of her daughter's dresses and other clothing items, and she decided to send them to Natalie. It was a very generous and thoughtful gift, and we are grateful. Here's a picture of Natalie in one of her cute "new" dresses, followed by the stack of all the lovely hand-me-downs we received. Thank you, friend!
Have you received or given a particularly special gift lately?

Note: You may have heard me mention before that Eric and I have chosen 3 traits to pray for each of our children beginning before they are born. One of the traits we pray specifically for Natalie is that she would be a person who gives meaningful gifts to others!


Mom said...

Special gifts indeed! Darling photo of sweet Natalie. :) Love you, Mom

thehomespunheart said...

Love the polka dot dress! :) Thanks for sharing about these gifts!

Katie said...

Natalie is adorable! =) Love how the Lord blesses with gifts that just keep on giving!

Cora said...

Natalie is adorable regardless, but the dress is darling on her. What a great gift:)

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Natalie looks so pretty in blue! And what a sweet idea to give a monetary gift for you to spend on whatever missions projects you choose.

The sweetest gift I've received recently (although I guess recent is relative, as it's been nearly 2 months now) is a wooden picture frame with a tabby carved into it and a quote that says, "Those we have held in our arms, we hold in our hearts forever." One of Calvin's "aunts" came over a few hours before we took him in for his Final Appointment, and she prayed over him, then gave me that picture frame. I cried like a baby.