Monday, May 2, 2011

Sugar, sugar

(When trying to think of an appropriate title for this post, all I could think about was this oldies song!)

So, a month ago, I stated that my challenge for April was to floss every day. Boy, did I fall short this time around! I improved my 2-3 times a week to just 4 times/week. It's hard to get into a new habit. I often forgot, and a few times, I confess, I just didn't feel like it. Kind of funny, since it takes less than a minute to do, plus I knew I'd have to report back here on my blog!

My May challenge should also have a positive impact on my teeth, as I want to be intentional about consuming less sugar. Though I would consider myself a pretty healthy eater when it comes to meals, I am a snacker and a sweet tooth, and that does not make the best combination. I have some kind of dessert (cookie/s, piece of candy) after one or two meals a day, and sometimes I also reach for a sweet snack in the afternoon or evening. It's really a lack of discipline, and that's why I'm targeting it for my next challenge. The fact that I feel embarrassed about what I just admitted to you will hopefully be some good motivation for decreasing my sugar intake to one serving of sweets each day!

I thought about doing some kind of sugar detox--as in not eating any--but I know myself well enough that I would be setting myself up to fail with such an extreme attempt. This goal I've set will be challenging for me. As I've often heard my mom say, "Everything in moderation."

I often have headaches, and lately I've wondered if there's a connection to the amount of sugar I'm consuming. I've done some on-line research on the effects of sugar, but haven't come to any real conclusions at this point. If you have thoughts on the subject, I am interested to hear them!


Charli said...

Good luck with your new challenge! I've certainly found a connection between sweet things and headaches, but I suppose it can vary from person to person. Keep us updated :)

Katie said...

Great goals Carrie, and I love that you are making realistic ones. I once tried to completely cut out sugar....didn't work so well. I found it was a gradual process...however, I'm very much *sugarized* again. =( Thank you for posting this. Our whole family is trying to eat healthier, and I really need to be a better example for my children. I appreciate this encouragement to do so!

JG and CK said...

Aha, yes. I drastically cut sugar over a year ago (the holidays were tough and some has crept back in), and I didn't regret it at all. I noticed I craved it at certain times of the month - and when I ate sweets, it just made me crabby. I'm working my way back to dessert only on the weekends, but darn if the Easter candy just won't go away!!! You can do it - you'll be glad you did. I noticed after awhile it didn't even taste good to me anymore. My kids weren't impressed - I stopped buying anything like that for anyone in the house. If it was there, I'd eat it. But now I notice that they're more conscious of making healthy choices, which we didn't really talk much about when I was growing up. So I think it is good for the whole family. Think fruit, dried fruit, yogurt, etc. Stuff with some natural sugars, but not processed. That helps take the edge off. Also, Dove dark chocolate.

Mom said...

Good luck with this goal, Carrie! :) I still believe in moderation :) -- partly because if I tell myself I can't have something, then it's all I want! But if I can have a moderate amount, that usually satisfies. Love you, Mom