Friday, June 3, 2011

I've never

Have you ever played the little party game called "I've never?" I thought it would make for a fun post, so I'm sharing 5 fairly common things I have never done. You can play along by either responding to which of these you have or haven't done, and/or by making your own list!

I've never . . .

1. worked in a restaurant
2. seen any of the Lord of the Rings films (or read the books for that matter!)
3. driven a manual transmission/stick shift (I tried a couple times as a teenager, but wasn't very successful!)
4. been to any of the New England states
5. worn braces

Now it's your turn to share!


thehomespunheart said...


I have worked at a restaurant (sort of - I count Glen Eyrie since I helped with that sort of thing)

I have seen the LOTR movies and read The Hobbit.

I am right there with you on #3.

Me neither.

Oh, I have so worn braces.

Now, let's see what I haven't done.

I've never...

1. participated in a competitive sport
2. liked tomatoes
3. had a cat
4. been on a cruise
5. broken a bone (unless you count my jaw which was not an accident but on purpose)

Hayley said...

I have never....

*been to Seattle (but so desperately would like to go because I love rain....and it rains all the time there).

*finished a scrapbook (I have about a dozen albums that are sorta kinda done, but not complete. This is particularly sad since I'm an avid scrapper).

*liked the wind (which is wierd, since it's windy like 24/7 here ALL the time.

*liked rhubarb, but I love rhubarb cake.....will be sharing that recipe on my blog soon. :)

*......And, here is a doosey, but I'm going to have to email you this one........

Linds said...


*eaten a cherry
*traveled on a train
*successfully made rice krispie treats (they always seem to be too crunchy and not soft and chewy)
*eaten at Chick-fil-a
*cooked fish

Mom said...

Fun game! :) I worked in a fast-food restaurant as a teenager, have seen one of the LOTR movies (not my cup of tea), have driven a manual transmission (not my cup of tea either), have been to New England (loved the fall colors!), and never wore braces either.

Here's my list -- I've never:
1. Run a marathon, though I've been on the sidelines cheering for quite a few!
2. Hiked to the top of Pikes Peak -- maybe someday??
3. Been to Mexico.
4. Paid cash for a new car (but I intend to next time I buy a new car!).
5. Colored my hair -- and never intend to!

Love you lots! Mom

angie said...

I have never....
mowed a lawn.
worn braces.
flown in a helicopter.
tasted Dr. Pepper.
changed a flat tire.

Ginger said...

I have never:
1. Been to the New England states, either, but I really want to!
2. Had braces
3. Driven a stick-shift either
4. Been to England but want to
5. Paid cash for a car

I have:
1. Been to France twice (college major was English and French)
2. Seen "Lord of the RIngs"
3. Had 12 cats in my lifetime (have 6 now)
4. Been on a cruise
5. Never had rhubarb or rutabegas or brussel sprouts (the sound of each turns me off)

Katie said...

Fun, Carrie! I can't say "I've Never" to any of your list!! With the exception of LOTR ~ I've only seen parts of a few movies but never actually finished a whole one. Other than that, I've worked in 2 restaurants (one where I met my hubby); my dad taught me how to drive a stick shift in high school and one of our cars is a stick right now; I've been to Massachusetts; I had braces for about 6 months.

I've never...
1. had a perm.
2. taken a train (except "The Zephyr" a dinner train) but I'd really like to travel by train sometime.
3. sewn my own clothes.
4. stuffed a turkey.
5. eaten a Big Mac!

Kristin said...

That was a fun post! I have worked in a restaurant (and loved it!), haven't seen/read LOTR (nor do I really have the desire!). I have only tried to drive a manual shift but also without much success. I have been to most of the New England states and I did have braces, twice in fact!

I'm struggling to come up with my own list in a short amount of time, but thanks for sharing yours!

Leah in Iowa said...

What a fun post, Carrie! As for your five: I have worked in a few restaurants and even owned one in my 20's. I've never seen those films or read the books either. Like your mom said, not my cup of tea. I enjoy driving a stick shift every now and then, but am glad we don't own one. I've been to some of the NE states, but would love to go back. And I did wear braces for a short time in high school.

I will think about my own "I've Never..." statements, and write a post soon.

Wendi said...

I've never...

1. Been on a mission trip. (I really want to go on one!)

2. Given birth to a baby. (Although I am a mom through the miracle of adoption.)

3. Liked sausage.

4. Knitted. (It has been on my to learn list forever!!)

5. Made spaghetti sauce from scratch.

Anonymous said...

I've never:

- blown a bubble (with gum)
- blown up a balloon
- been to a "third world" country
- dived into a pool
- read "Little Women"

All physical things! Ha! Super fun post, Care Bear!


KellBell said...

First your list.
1. I worked at DQ for 3 years. Can't really go wrong with ice cream. :)
2. Watched them all multiple times. We own the series. 3 of the 10 DVDs we own.
3. My first car was a manual. A mazda 3. Lots of fun!
4. Since we lived in PA for 2 years I saw many of the New England states. And we went on a SSP to NH our first year of marriage.
5. I had braces for a year in HS.

I've never
1. been to the circus.
2. taken a dance class.
3. read a Jane Austen book. (Sad but true.)

Ok I'll stop at 3 becuase I can't think of any more and time is ticking. Good post Carrie!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Love this idea.

1. I've never been to NYC.

2. I've never tried indian food.

3. I've never tried yoga. Probably never will.

4. I've never traveled outside of the US.

5. I've never broken a bone.