Friday, August 19, 2011

Food and stewardship

When I was reviewing some blog posts that have been collecting dust in my drafts folder, I came across some practical ideas worth sharing for being a good steward when it comes to our resources of food. These are courtesy of the Sleeths:
  1. Make eating meals together a priority
  2. Eat what is served
  3. Welcome others to your table
  4. Cut back on meat consumption
  5. Support farmer's markets and CSA's
  6. Grow at least some of your own food
  7. Avoid factory-farmed meat and eggs (no steroids, hormones, or inhumane practices)
  8. Don't buy fast food; use the money saved to buy more organic
  9. Drink tap water; if you buy coffee, make sure it's fair trade
  10. Give thanks
I would give us a "star" for most of the things on this list, but our main weak points would be buying bags of frozen chicken breasts, and consuming quite a few processed items like crackers, tortilla chips and granola bars. (I'm lumping these convenience foods into the fast food line item above.) And even though we have a garden ourselves, we could also make more of an effort to seek out local veggies that we do not grow.

How about you? What do you think of this list, and what are your strengths or weaknesses in this area?


thehomespunheart said...

Hey Carrie,

We're at least making an effort on most of these. Though, do buy the bagged chicken like you mentioned and the same convenience items you mentioned. Our garden has been pretty pitiful this year since I spent the bulk of its producing season away from home.

Love you,

angie said...

I was able to * six of the ten items. In baseball, .6 is a stellar batting average! But in this category, I know that I could make an effort to improve. I plan to start a garden, for the first time on this land, next year.

Debra said...

Great ideas! I would also give us a star in most areas. We live in AZ and growing anything is a challenge. It's too hot in the summer to grow anything and the soil is rock hard since we hardly get rain so container gardening is the best we can do in the winter. I have had success with herbs but that's about it - I try new things all the time though hoping I'll succeed somewhere. We have an organic farm stand but nothing is grown here, or that close by-3 1/2 hours away would be the closest. Our grocery stores have decent organic produce and there is an AZ based farm whose eggs are sold at the stores.

But we try to do everything else on the list so I like to think that kind of makes up for things that are more challenging. We have cut way down on meat consumption much to my husband's dismay. He's getting used to it though. :)

Mom said...

Some of these are easy -- like giving thanks and welcoming others to our table. Others are easier said than done -- like buying organic and avoiding fast food. But we do what we can!! Great "food" for thought :) -- love you, Mom