Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life is like a box of chocolates . . .

. . . You never know what you're going to get! =) In the past I've shared some special gifts I've received; this time around I want to share a couple of ideas of how we've tried to bless others.

*We have some dear long-distance friends who are going through a divorce, and I wanted to send a little something to let the family know we're thinking of them. When I saw this idea, I thought it would be a creative way to encourage the mom to take her kids out for a treat.
*This is my favorite kind of (wedding) gift to give: a grouping of complementary items! The colander and cake pan were on the couple's registry, so I embellished the gift a bit by adding pasta, sauce and a brownie mix. Hopefully, the newlyweds were able to enjoy the meal right away. I received a few "pantry gifts" for my wedding, and I really appreciated them. (But I'm practical like that!)*Another standard wedding gift we've given is money to be used for a meal on the couple's honeymoon. One set of friends was going to Costa Rica for their special trip, so we even got the proper currency so they'd have some money when they arrived.

Do you have a standard gift you give for weddings or other special occasions?


Mom said...

These are great gift ideas, especially the thoughtful gift for your friends going through a difficult time!

The only "standard" gift I have is for baby showers -- I give a full-size waterproof mattress pad along with the idea of making a "sheet sandwich" -- a crib sheet/mattress pad/crib sheet -- so that if baby soaks the bed in the night, the top layer can just be peeled off.

Thanks for sharing! Love, Mom

Katie said...

How very thoughtful and creative, Carrie!! That box of chocolates is adorable, and I'm sure your kind gesture will be "sweet" to them in many ways. =) [I had to chuckle when I checked out the source link ~ the lady mentioned that she thought her box was from a "little town" in WI ~ La Crosse is a pretty big city there! hee hee]

The wedding gift you gave is great ~ what a blessing to the couple!! Those fudge brownies are the best. =) I love the thought put into it.

My "standard" gift for just about any occasion is a gift basket. I actually collect baskets ~ try to find them at sales ~ to have on hand to make up for gifts. Their my favorite gift to give, and what I fill them up with is always different. Neat post!

Kristin said...

You are so thoughtful! I love your creativity and also your follow-through to implement the ideas, as it took more work than just purchasing a registry gift or sending money. No doubt they were all greatly appreciated!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

My standard baby gift is board books. They're expensive and not what a parent might consider a necessity (although the English teacher in me does!), so I like to bless new parents with books for their little one.

As for wedding gifts, I don't really have a standard. It just depends on the couple. I do tend to go practical, though. Picnic baskets and whatnot are romantic ideas, but there's a reason they end up in thrift shops. I tend to go with what I've found most useful over the years, like kitchen tools or towels.

Anonymous said...

Very clever gifts, Carrie.
I love the "box of chocolates" idea.

Also, your idea of converting US cash into the currency of the country where the couple is going is very thoughtful.

Love, Grandma

thehomespunheart said...

I love the chocolate box! I don't really have a standard gift per se. I usually consult their list to give something they can use or really want.

Love you,

Hayley said...

You are so clever! I have never even thought to give some much needed pantry items, along with related kitchenware to go with.....I'm going to have to steal this idea. Although, it's been years since we have been to a wedding....we must be in the 'inbetween' stage where all of our friends are married now, and our kids and kids' friends are still to young. :)