Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer fun

I thought it would be fun--and inspiring--to make a colorful list of potential activities to do with the kids this summer once we got home from our vacation. Here's a pic of our list:
The restaurant items were all certificates the kids earned from the library's reading program. Nice! Here are notes about the other activities:

*Colorful bubble art--Put a little food coloring in some bubble solution, and blow bubbles onto big pieces of white paper. Messier than I expected, but the kids loved it, and the paper looked so swirly and pretty that I'm going to use it as wrapping paper!

*Oobleck--probably wouldn't do this again. It was really messy to make, play with, and clean up. That's not my favorite kind of activity, especially since the kids didn't love it, either.

*Parachutes--Instead of a cork, we tied a little Lego man to the bottom. We didn't have a great launching place at our house to get the full parachute effect. But as soon as Nathan showed our toy to the neighbor boy, it was a big hit. We ended up in the neighbor's backyard, launching the parachute from the top of their balcony. Very fun!

*Pinaqua--This is the only activity we did not get to, kind of surprising with all the hot days we had. We'll try again next summer!

*Pudding in a jar--Mix 1 tablespoon of instant pudding with 1/4 cup milk in a baby food jar. Put lid on tightly and shake! This is something Monica and I did long ago when were in a Brownies troop.

*Paint popcorn--This was the inspiration, but we tweaked things a bit. I made my own evaporated milk for the edible paint. I heated together 1/2 cup milk, 1 T. butter, and 1 T. sugar. I divided the mixture into 3 bowls, which I colored pink, green and blue. Instead of getting out paint brushes, the kids just dipped each kernel into the paint, and then we added sprinkles, which was of course their favorite part. Like many activities, this took as long to set up as it did to carry out, but it provided some fun on a restless morning, and it really was a yummy snack!

A couple other special things we tried that were not on the list above:

*celery and food coloring experiment (we split our stalk at the bottom so we could see it take on two different shades)
*sidewalk chalk paint

Did you make a summer list? Have you done any of the above activities?


Mom said...

Great summer fun ideas and I love the way you have them listed! :) Love, Mom

Kendra said...

Cute ideas!!! I'll definitely have to do something like this for the fall to keep fresh ideas coming!

erin said...

you are so creative! what a fun list! I may be stealing some of these ideas. Caleb's current favorite is taping a big piece of paper to the floor (we have a roll of butcher paper) -- I draw roads and train tracks for him and then he uses his trains and trucks or continues drawing too. But, I bet Nathan would have fun drawing a whole city! :)

thehomespunheart said...

That's fun, Carrie!

I did have a list, but where it is now - I cannot remember? Nor can I seem to remember all the fun things we did?!

Katie said...

Oh Carrie, what a fun list! I love how you were so intentional in providing fun activities for your children and family!! You are one creative and fun mama! The illustrations are cute too. I've never heard of oobleck or pinaqua!

(So sorry in the slow reply...school is back in session!) =)