Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer recipes

Last summer, I shared a new recipe organizing method I tried to help me make the most of the produce that's in season, particularly from our garden. It's worked really well for me, and as a result, it will be easy to share with you some of my new favorite summer recipes!Link
1. Italian chopped salad (I could seriously eat this every day for lunch during the summer--so good!)

2. Blackberry sorbet (easy peasy, and so delicious)

4. Bread salad (you have to love the name--and the taste!)

5. Quick-fix barbecued fajitas (a nice twist on the usual)

6. Gazpacho salsa (using green pepper, I can rely solely on veggies from our garden!)

And I even created a marinade, which I will share in case you want to make some delicious kabobs!

Carrie's Teriyaki Marinade

2 T. lime juice
2 T. soy sauce
2 T. honey
dash cayenne pepper
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp. ginger

I marinated chunks of chicken for about 8 hours, and then skewered them alongside green pepper and pineapple. This marinade was a delicious complement, and made the chicken very tender and tasty.

In addition to the new ideas above, don't forget these summer classics I've shared before. Yum!

If you have any fabulous recipes using green peppers, we're getting a terrific harvest, and I prefer them fresh, so I'd love some new inspiration. We've been having lots of fajitas!

*In case you're wondering about the fairly random photo at the top of this post, I took that pic almost a year at a county fair. I thought Monica would enjoy seeing all those jars lined up. Since the picture has been sitting idle for so long, I thought I'd go ahead and insert it here since jams are definitely summer food, too! Speaking of, I tried a new kind of pectin this year for my strawberry jam. Has anyone else tried Pomona's?


thehomespunheart said...

Oooh - thanks for the photo! Looks neat! The Italian Chopped Salad sounds yum and I will admit that I've never heard of Pomona's!

Love you,

Kara K said...

I'm excited to use your marinade recipe - yum. Also, something that we do with green pepper abundance is to dice them up and throw them into ziplock bags and freeze them. They're perfect in December when green peppers are no longer in season and you need them for a recipe. Works for us and for my mom!

Mom said...

Great recipe ideas -- I'll have to try your marinade recipe. :) Like Kara, we chop/freeze surplus green peppers for use in chili, chicken tetrazini, and baked beans. I recognize that photo! Love you, Mom

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing these great recipes, Carrie! I have been all about salads this summer ~ both veggie and pasta salads. That Italian Chopped Salad sounds delicious. I've been trying to re-create the Chinese Chopped Salad from Noodles'n'Company at home ~ very good.

My husband brought home buckets of blackberries from his grandparents house ~ I think that sorbet would be a perfect treat!

I need 2 ingredients to make your marinade ~ excited to try when hubby gets home!