Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't quit your day job =)

I found these bits of randomness in my draft folder, and thought I'd share.

My parents recently brought me a box of my childhood journals and books. I had to laugh when I saw a page about what I wanted to be when I grew up in my personalized copy of My Cabbage Patch Kid and Me. Here are my un-edited responses: balirina, artist, candy stryper, teacher, sientist, gymnester (!), vetrinaren, model (!) Wow, quite the list. I did grow up to be a teacher, so at least one of my guesses was spot-on. A gymnester? Yikes!

There was also a book where I wrote down information about my family. Since many of you also read my sister's blog, I thought you'd get a kick out of this. In a section where you were supposed to write down a name for who is the "most," I said Monica was the family member who talked the most and was the bossiest. =) And for myself, I said I was the one who reads the most, sleeps the most and jogs the most. The other two might still be true, but clearly, the jogging thing has changed to my dad! (Whose birthday is today--happy birthday, Dad! We are so grateful you continue to feel so well!!)


Katie said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! =)

What a fun box of items to get from your parents! I love looking back at my childhood memories, and I'm trying to do a good job of keeping things organized for my own children to look back on someday, Lord willing.

Your list of potential careers is so fun! I think I had that same Cabbage Patch book. If I find it, I'll let you know what I wrote. =)

erin said...

That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing! :)

Kristin said...

That's fun! Thanks for the profound insights into you!

Mom said...

This brings back fun memories of your childhood ambitions! :) Thanks for calling Dad yesterday -- he was thrilled to hear little Natalie sing happy birthday! Love you, Mom

thehomespunheart said...

I totally remember this book!

Jthemilker said...

So cute! I once found an "Autograph Book" from way back when I was maybe 12 years old. One of the pages asked who you "loved" and I wrote Tom Wopat. LOL REALLY?!!!