Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Thanks for all your sweet messages regarding our big news. I loved reading all the comments, and Katie went the extra mile by writing me a Mad Gab of her own!

Speaking of *birth*days, September and October are big months in our family. We have seven, and that only includes our parents, siblings, and a niece. We also have several birthdays of aunts and close friends during that time, so there are lots of cards and phone calls!

Last week, we celebrated two special birthdays in our home. Eric's birthday was over the weekend, and I made several of his favorite foods: apple pancakes, pasties*, and Scotcheroos. (If you look closely at the links, you can see I make these same things every year for his birthday! Why reinvent the wheel?)

A dear friend blessed us by watching Nathan and Natalie so we could head out of town for dinner and a hockey game. Good times!We also celebrated the birthday of Cristina, an exchange student from Eastern Europe who is studying at our local college. We are her host family, which means not that we provide lodging, but that we provide a home for her in other ways: laundry, meals and support. Here she is posing with her cake. It took her over three hours to make this beauty!
Do you have a concentrated stretch of birthdays in your family?

*This is not the recipe I use, but it's similar. I use only ground beef, and I make mine as one large potpie, served with gravy or ketchup.


Mom said...

Fun times! Great photo of you and Eric, and I'm glad to see the cake Cristina worked so hard to make :)
Love you, Mom

Katie said...

You two look so cute (and you radiant!) Looks like a good time. Yay for friends who offer to watch our children so we can go on dates!!

That is wonderful that you are hosting Cristina ~ what a blessing to her and you both!!

Thanks also for the shout-out ~ I just emjoy word games so much, I seize any opportunity to join in!

angie said...

I'm interested in learning more about your role as a host family. Since we live in a university town, this is an act of service we could possibly do. And, I think we could learn so much about other cultures.
Does Cristina live with you full time? Are there boundaries to your arrangement or do you set your own?

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday to....everyone! =D

And I love that idea of being a host family like that.

Oh! And before I forget - I actually purchased a yogurt maker because I didn't trust myself without one. I picked this one after reading Amazon reviews:

It works perfectly! (Did take me a try or two to figure out how to heat the milk at an appropriate rate on the stove, but putting it into the machine from there takes care of some of my damage!)

Lemonade & Gingerbread said...

We also have a lot of birthdays in September. Actually it starts on August 18th - Today, October 14. We have 10 birthdays during that time. All siblings and parents too, except for two aunts.

Debra said...

We have lots of birthdays from Sept-Oct. My husband is one of 13 and several of them have b-days in Sept & Oct. Plus it's our anniversary.

Congrats on you exciting news!!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

I think it's really nice that you're hosting a student! I imagine that makes for an interesting experience for all involved.

October is a big birthday month in our family. Two nieces and my sister all have birthdays within a 1.5 week span. Alex was supposed to be born in the middle of that, but he decided to come in September instead. My dad said he was glad because October bankrupts him. (They typically fly to London to celebrate birthdays, but they had to change their plans to be here for Alex's birth. Ha! That got all screwed up! And now I feel kind of bad for messing up my nieces' and sister's birthday visit, but it's not as if I could control it.)

gail said...

yes, starting tomorrow we have 3 b-days in 3 mo. hubbies, son and then mine and then Christmas. we celebrate in a big way so its b-day season eggstravaganza here. glad you enjoyed the hockey and dinner out.