Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy birthday, Nathan!

I have started writing in a journal for each of my kids as soon as I found out we were expecting them, and it has been really meaningful for me to go back and read earlier entries. I was just recording my annual birthday message in Nathan's notebook, and I read back over his other birthday entries, as well as some from right after he was born.

I was particularly struck by Eric's observations written right after Nathan turned one. Here is what Eric listed:

You are very smart and learn quickly.
You get frustrated easily.
You are very coordinated and love balls.
You are very determined.
You are picky about food.
You seem like you will be an extrovert.

I think the eating thing has improved, and I'm not certain about him being an extrovert. (Perhaps he'll be like me, being energized by both people and time alone.) But the other observations remain right on target, and it's been interesting to read these today and think about who Nathan is and how much he's grown.

We're celebrating all day, and I'll share more tomorrow about the festivities. But since I was feeling reflective right now, I wanted to get this post up on his actual birthday.


thehomespunheart said...

Happy Birthday, Nathan! We love you!

Katie said...

Happy 5th Birthday to Nathan! :) You look so grown up in your picture! Did you enjoy breakfast in bed this morning? Can't wait to hear about your fun day!

Carrie ~ I love the journals for the children. What a treasure for you and later for them!

Mom said...

Happy birthday, Nathan! We're sorry to have missed talking to you today, but are glad you were having fun!! Lots of love, Grammie and Pepaw

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th birthday, dear Nathan.
I hope you've had a really fun day today.
I love you, Nana

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday, Nathan! Sorry this is a day late! What fun reflections on the past 5 years!