Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving re-cap

Thanks for all your kind words on Friday's post. I am feeling more hopeful about the situation now, and appreciate all of you who shared experience with the same condition.

As promised, I wanted to share a few photos from our Thanksgiving trip. We drove to Chicago to visit Eric's sister, Kendra, and her family for a few days. I also got to see this wonderful chica, my dear friend Mandi:
This was Kendra's first time to host Thanksgiving, and her first turkey, and she did a wonderful job. Everything was beautiful and delicious!A fun highlight was a group outing to an evening parade in a nearby suburb. The weather was mild enough to make it bearable, and local businesses were handing out free cider and cookies. Eric and I even bumped into a friend of ours who lives in the area, which was a fun surprise!Love this pic of these two cute cousins, who are just 3 weeks apart in age. (As an ironic sidenote, Marc and Kendra were married 3 weeks before us, so it was very funny when they had their daughter 3 weeks before we had ours!)We had a nice time together, and look forward to seeing this group again in a few weeks when we head to Michigan for Christmas.


Mom said...

Great photos from your Thanksgiving weekend! :) Love you, Mom

angie said...

Great pictures of a fun time with family and friends. Do the girl cousins have rosette clips from Thirty One in their hair?

Carrie said...

Woah, the three week apart thing IS very cool!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Carrie. I especially love the one of the 2 little cousins. That's precious! I'm glad you had such a nice time.
Love you, Grandma

Katie said...

What lovely photos!! Looks like a wonderful time! We finally just returned home last night and it's snowing here ~ fun!

I had a heap of mail to sort through but it was so fun to find the darling package sent from your SIL! Glad you were able to spend Thanksgiving with their family! Love the pics of the two sweet girls sporting Kendra's cute flower bands! I can't wait to send this one off to my friend. Thanks again for hosting that giveaway!

Well, lot to do, just sneaking in a blogging break...:)

Blessings, friend! Praying for you!