Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun with kids

I checked the drafts folder of my blog over the weekend, and found several posts I'd written but never published. I figured it was high time I *draft* them into active duty. =) So though the thoughts may not be current, hopefully they are still worthwhile. This post was written in May of 2010. Why didn't I post it sooner? I have no idea . . .

Recently, Eric knew our daily routine was feeling stale for me and that I was lacking inspiration for activities to do with my kids, particularly Nathan. Being the thoughtful husband he is, Eric surprised me by typing up a list that included the following suggestions:

*Go on a litter walk. We did this right before Earth Day, so it was a nice tie-in to explaining that we should keep God's world clean. My litter-obsessed son loved pointing out each scrap, and I picked them up with a glove. After going just 8 blocks, we filled a plastic grocery sack!

*Check out a kid's movie from the library to watch with Nathan, and have a special snack. I was overwhelmed with the many choices available at our library, so decided to see if they had a Thomas the Train movie since Nathan loves all things Thomas right now. I confess it was a bit painful for me to watch my selection (very hokey!), but Nathan was snuggly during the movie and leaned over several times to say how fun it was. Totally worth it!

*Take kids to a new park. Our small town has a handful of parks, and we go to three of them on a regular basis now that it's warmer out. At Eric's suggestion, we visited a park in a neighboring town, and I loved it! The equipment is the perfect size for my kids' ages, and we were the only ones there on the morning we went.

*Visit some elderly friends at the nursing home. A married couple whom we've known for many years moved into a nearby nursing home a couple of years ago. It's a difficult place to take a rambunctious three-year-old, so we don't stay long, but our visits always bring a smile to their faces.

If you're interested in educational activity ideas, I found these wonderful lists, which offer creative educational activities for pre-schoolers in the areas of reading, math, writing, speech and listening! I printed each of the "fun activities" sheets and highlighted the ideas I want to try.

Now, back to the present. With winter in full swing, we've been spending most of our time indoors. I am ecstatic that Nathan finally likes to color! I've heard for years about my nieces spending hours coloring, and I couldn't imagine Nathan sitting still for that activity. Well, the time has come, and I am grateful. He is also really into Legos, which we gave him for his birthday last month. Natalie's current favorite activities are looking at books with me, and playing Memory and Hullabaloo, a fun new acquisition. I would highly recommend this game, which is in the Cranium round-up. It encourages being active, following directions, and knowing shapes and colors.

What activities have your kids been up to?

*Note: I included the Hullabaloo link if you wanted to check it out, but the price listed here is ridiculous. Ours was purchased secondhand, and I actually just saw it at a thrift store for less than $5!


Wendi said...
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Wendi said...

I need to make a list like that!

I am a homebody and really like routine. I am sure it gets old for the kids.

The activity of choice around here is creating with paper, scissors, glue or tape. Yesterday the creation was a kite. Sometimes the mess drives me crazy, but it is worth it.

Mom said...

These are great ideas :)

Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom

angie said...

Thanks to your mom for letting us know....Happy Birthday, Carrie!
Hope your special day is filled with all that you enjoy.

Katie said...

I like all these ideas ~ glad you still posted them! I, too, find drafts from time to time in my post list.

Our 9 year old just began chess club and basketball in hopes of having fun, learning a few things, and making a few new friends. Our 5 year old is busy "teaching" our 2 year old who loves to play along. :) Also, our daughter has been making all things valentine for several days now. :)

Birthday Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...


I hope you've had a good day.

All these activities sound like fun for your kiddos.

Love you, Grandma