Friday, January 6, 2012


Last Sunday morning was a little hectic at my in-laws' house. Due to a pending snowstorm, our travel plans had to be adjusted, causing us to leave a day earlier than expected. Because of packing and saying goodbye to other relatives, it seemed that going to church was unlikely, but we decided to make it work.

I am so glad we went. What a unique approach to a New Year's Day service. The message was about redemption and our new life in Christ, with an emphasis on receiving individual communion. Due to the large size of the church, getting up to partake of communion took quite a long time, but as we waited we sang beautiful songs to prepare our hearts. I was in tears as we sang "The Old Rugged Cross"--not only are the words powerful, but it is one of my dad's favorite hymns and I think of him every time I hear it. It was during that song that our pew was motioned to make our way to a communion station.

The older gentleman who served the juice looked into my eyes, and said, "This is Christ's blood shed for you, and the little one, too." My tears flowed at that tender and true but unanticipated statement. Yes, Lord, you shed Your blood for me, and for this unborn child. What a gift. As I reflected on my life in Christ as well as the little life growing inside me, I burst into tears again when we sang the line "You are Lord of all." This pregnancy has not been an easy one, and I have definitely battled anxiety about the unknowns. And yet, I KNOW: He is Lord of ALL.

Next week, Eric and I will travel to a nearby bigger city to see a specialist and have a 3D ultrasound. We'd appreciate your prayers as we continue this journey, and I will share an update when we have one.


Mom said...

What a special way to begin the new year! Thanks for sharing the moving power of this service and what it meant to you -- love and prayers, Mom

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing this, Carrie. I love how the Lord can encourage our hearts in unexpected ways!

I've been praying for you and this little one, dear friend, and I will continue to do so. Please keep us posted! Praying for your dad too ~ love that song hubby likes to play "The Old Rugged Cross" on the guitar.

He is Lord of all, indeed!!

Psalm 61:1-4

erin said...

You had me in tears too. :)
Oh, pregnancy hormones!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for sharing this, Carrie. Very powerful! I can understand why you were in tears.
I would have been too.

I continue to pray daily for you and your little one.
May our great God richly bless you.

I love you, Grandma

Kristin said...

I'm so glad you were able to go to church and that it was such a blessing to your heart. I love when just the right songs/words are spoken to our hearts to turn us to the Lord. Thanks for sharing your heart!

Speaky1013 said...

Thank you for sharing, honey!! I love it when the Lord surprises us with His love and encouragement when we need it! Love you!! :)