Friday, February 3, 2012

Pantry challenge wrap-up

(Thanks to all who commented on my post Wednesday. Your thoughts and prayers mean so much to me!)

Despite all my pregnancy issues, this past month was actually a great time for my third annual pantry challenge because it gave me a specific goal and project to focus on, and it's something I enjoy doing.

First of all, I am proud to say that I spent exactly half of our monthly budget! It took careful and creative planning, but it was fun to do, and it's very meaningful to pass on the surplus.

I made a list here of ingredients I wanted to keep in mind when planning meals. Several of those items were used up, and most others were incorporated at least once. All month, I was intentional about making do with what we have--always a good skill to hone.

As for where the money went, I decided to split the amount this time around. I sent part of it here*, and the rest I sent in the form of a gift card to a hurting family who had been on my heart. I hope the money is a blessing in both cases. That was certainly a motivating factor in sticking with my goal!

It will be nice to have a little more breathing room in the budget now that February is here, but I have to say I enjoyed the game of aiming for lower expenditures.

*I didn't feel led to give to a certain ministry this year, so I decided to give to the first request I received in the mail from an organization we already support. Compassion "won!" Kind of a fun way to do it. =)Link


Mom said...

Well done! in both accomplishing this goal and in the way you shared the surplus of your food budget. Love you, Mom

Katie said...

Inspiring inspiring! One act of stewardship that leads to blessings for many!