Monday, May 28, 2012

Satisfaction guaranteed

The winner of Almost Amish is my mom! Only three people entered, so the odds for each of them were pretty high!

In the past month I have twice felt empowered as a consumer when I called a company to complain about a
dissatisfying product. I have not often offered companies feedback on things I purchase, and I realize that much of what customer service reps hear is negative. I remember one time in college that I decided to call the company who made the cookies I'd just polished off to thank them for how yummy they were. I think the person I talked to was quite surprised that it was the only reason I'd called! I haven't done that since, but I am glad I took the time to call two different companies recently when I wanted to follow through on a product's guarantee.

The first product was a package of socks I bought for Nathan. Now granted, he is very hard on socks--and all clothes for that matter!--but almost all of these socks quickly developed holes in the same area (near his ankle), and I was disappointed in the quality. I contacted the company, and they mailed me a replacement package within a couple weeks.

Bolstered by that success, when I noticed my package of romaine lettuce was almost entirely brown several days prior to the "best by" date, I looked on the back and noticed a satisfaction guaranteed policy. The rep I spoke with was very kind and apologetic, and she mailed me several coupons for free and discounted produce. I hated to waste the first package, but I was once again thankful for the action taken.

I am glad I took the time to call in each of these instances. I want to be ethical and not take advantage of companies, but in cases like the above, I also want to offer feedback, especially since these are two companies whom I support on a regular basis.

Have you ever called to compliment or complain about something you've purchased?


Katie said...

Yay for your mom! :)

Also, awesome that the companies stood by their guarantee for you!

And, yes, I have called companies many times, for both compliments and concerns. I actually started calling toll-free numbers on packages with comments of all sorts back in high school! I would say the majority of the time, I have either been sent a replacement, coupon, or something comparable for both types of comments.

Neat post!

Mom said...

Thanks for the book! :)

Although I haven't done it much lately, I have contacted companies in the past. I have occasionally received a coupon or replacement, but in some cases, I had no response. Those are the companies I ceased doing business with!

Love you, Mom

Kristin said...

I contacted Bumpkins after ordering a set of bibs for Lauren. After just a week of using them very lightly, there was a hole in the pocket of one of them. I emailed their customer service and didn't hear back, until a got a package in the mail from them containing double the amount of bibs that were in the original package that I bought. I was so surprised, especially since they never contacted me prior to mailing them! Needless to say, I was highly impressed!

Sara said...

I do occasionally but I probably should more often... one funny story - I called a deodorant company because they claimed I could "dare to wear black" while using their product - except, of course, it smeared all over my black clothes. When I called, they apologized, then sent me coupons for the SAME product, which of course I will never use again! :)